​2018-19 Candidate information 

Below please find the 2018-19 Student Government Association Presidential Candidates. Please read the information provided below to learn more about each student and their campaign platforms. Online voting runs from Monday, April 23, 2018- Sunday, April 29, 2018. In person voting will take place on campus on Monday, April 30th & Tuesday, May 1st. 

Voting Rules: Must be current student at Mountain View College and all students can vote one time only either online or in person. Additional Officer positions are elected by the student body at the beginning of each Fall semester, with terms running through August of the following year or until new elections are held. 

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Candidate 1: Malik Jemison

Campaign Platform:

To serve my time as President wisely. Maintain a close relationship with all officers. Help make every project we do successful.

Malik would like to see the following programs developed at MVC: 

Criminal Justice Club, Sports activity day, etc.

Malik believes the main objective of MVC's SGA 2018-2019 should be:

To first help others. Make Mountain View top with graduation and also to maintain great grades.

Past experience:

Served as VP of Criminal Justice Club, moved on to better options. 

Candidate 2: Angel Jones


Campaign Platform:

Hi I am Angel Jones and I'm running for Student Government President. The reason why I want to run for president is because I feel like I can help students' voices be heard more. I am very outgoing, responsible, good listener and a great problem solver. Before coming to Mountain View I use to attend Cleveland State University at the time I was involved in many groups such as Presidential Students Ambassadors, Cleveland State dodgeball team were I was the treasurer, the soccer club which I was also treasurer and right now I am captain of my DIVA volleyball team The Bachelor. I have many plans for Mountain View but my big one is to get more students involved. Have more choices for students everywhere. The way I will accomplish this goal is by asking students what they want because students and faculty make up a huge part of this school. Experienced, dependable, honest. 

Angel would like to see the following programs developed at MVC: 

The following programs I would like to see developed are the clubs to start. Having more clubs will create stronger bonds between students. Having more sports clubs like a volleyball club, soccer, dodgeball and many more are just a start. Trying make sure students voices are heard, try putting more suggestions boxes around the campus.

Angel believes the main objective of MVC's SGA 2018-2019 should be:

The main objective of SGA should always be the same to promote unity and cooperation among faculty, students, and administrators. Widen the networking among members and to show the students body the institution's procedures and policies

Past experience:

In high school I was captain of the volleyball and track team also, I got awarded African American Leadership Award. While at I was treasurer for three different clubs at Cleveland State University, Sports management club, Dodgeball club and the Cleveland State Women's Soccer club. I did the 1964 society which I was a Presidential Student Ambassadors (Philanthropy Manager). While here at Mountain View last semester I was in S.T.A.R which I was also treasurer. I am in a volleyball league called DIVA (Dallas Independent Volleyball Association) which I am currently captain of my amazing team and I am captain of my national volleyball team.

Candidate 3: Isaac Yanez 

isaac 3.jpg

Campaign Platform:

1. Greater Internship opportunities and variety, as well as jobs for students.

2. Greater Community Involvement, Outreach, and Events. 

3. More student leadership opportunities.

4. Effective, consistent student outreach.

5. Better student-administrator alliance.

Isaac would like to see the following programs developed at MVC: 

1. Keep America Beautiful: Implementation of a committee and initiatives.

2. An effective communication line between students and administrators. with more student input and expression opportunities.

3. Consistent Student Outreach for events and opportunities, including more promotion time for clubs. 

Isaac believes the main objective of MVC's SGA 2018-2019 should be:

Advance more programs that strengthen personal and professional skills for all students, and to enhance the overall satisfaction levels of students, faculty, and staff. 

Past experience:

President of Toastmasters Grand Prairie Club. 

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