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Phi Theta Kappa offers members opportunities to apply for over $87 million in scholarships opportunities from Phi Theta Kappa, partnering senior colleges, universities and foundations – a benefit unmatched by other honor societies.

​One of the benefits of being a member is automatic inclusion in CollegeFish.org. Through this program, students can prepare for college transfer.  You can access College Fish at http://www.CollegeFish.org

Not only are there Phi Theta Kappa scholarships to transfer to 4-year universities, there are associate degree scholarships available to help you during your time at a community college. You can find a list of exclusive Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships at http://www.ptk.org/scholarships.

Apart from the scholarships offered by Phi Theta Kappa, many universities offer transfer scholarships to Phi Theta Kappa members to attend their schools. The following is a partial list of examples.



​Scholarship Details

​Baylor University

​Waco, TX

​$1,000 (plus transfer merit scholarship $10,000/$8,000/$6,000/$5,000 based by GPA)

​Dallas Baptist University

​Dallas, TX

​$1,000 per semester if living off campus OR
25% of tuition paid if living on campus (eligible)

​Sam Houston State University

​Huntsville, TX

​10 $1,000 scholarships (plus transfer up to $3,000 based on GPA)

​Southern Methodist University

​Dallas, TX

​30 renewable $2,000 per year

​Texas A&M

​Commerce, TX

​$3,000 per year GPA 3.75
$2,500 per year GPA 3.5
$2,000 per year GPA 3.25

Two full-tuition scholarships to PTK All-USA honorees

​Texas Christian University

​Fort Worth, TX

​$12,500 for 3 years

​Texas State University

​San Marcos, TX

​$1,000 per year

​Texas Tech

​Lubbock, TX

​$1,000 per year plus other transfer scholarships

​Texas Wesleyan University

​Fort Worth, TX

​$5,600 GPA 3.5-3.84
$4,600 GPA 3.0-3.49

​Texas Woman's University

​Denton, TX

​$2,300 per year

​University of Dallas

​Irving, TX

​50% of tuition

​University of Houston

​Houston, TX


​University of North Texas

​Denton, TX

​$3,000 GPA 4.0
$2,000 GPA 3.75
$1,500 GPA 3.5

​University of North Texas - Dallas Campus

​Dallas, TX

​$8,400 ($2,100 for 4 semesters)

​University of Texas at Arlington

​Arlington, TX

​$1,000 per year

Want to learn about more transfer scholarships offered by other institutions? Contact us and ask.

As our leading hallmark, it is our goal to give all of our members any information regarding any scholarships that may benefit them. Mountain View College hosts writing contests that offer scholarships for their winners. To access them and other third party writing contests, go to https://www.mountainviewcollege.edu/QEP/lionsroar/Pages/contests.aspx

Phi Theta Kappa also offers members who complete the Honors Case Study Challenge a chance to win $500. It challenges you to read the newspaper daily and create an Honors Case Study based upon your reading. For more information go tohttps://www.ptk.org/Programs/HonorsinAction/HonorsCaseStudyChallenge.aspx 

Check out more third-party scholarships at FASTWEB.COM


As well-rounded scholars, our members strive to be leaders of Mountain View College.  Members have an opportunity to develop leadership skills that will be put to practice for years to come. This can be achieved through participation in our Honors in Action Project, holding an Officer position, or simply being involved in our Chapter with local and/or campus events.  

Build your leadership skills by completing the 5-star COMPETITIVE EDGE program. Click here to view COMPETITIVE EDGE program. The professional development plan includes instructional videos, soft-skill strengthening activities, and much more all aimed all making better leaders and giving you a competitive edge over others. 

Leadership Development Studies: Our program uniquely harnesses the power of dialogue-based learning and applies it to a combination of classic cases, leadership profiles, film studies and experiential exercises. The result is a unique, engaging, interdisciplinary approach that makes our curriculum accessible and relevant to all.                        
Through the study of great leaders portrayed in the humanities by writers, historians and film-makers, students of our curriculum learn the passion, engagement, skill and philosophies of many types of leaders. The program facilitates the development of the student’s personal leadership philosophy through personal reflection. Click here to take part in the Leadership Development Studies.

The Omega Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa also provides a great opportunity to build leadership skills by offering members the chance to become officers within the chapter. Taking on the task of becoming an officer and becoming more heavily involved, gives members a chance become better leaders. Click here to check out the Officer tasks and requirements.

View photos from the Honors in Action presentation.


Throughout the year, our Chapter is involved, not only in campus events, but community-wide services as well. As servant leaders, members are encouraged to become involved in our chapter to be engaged in yearly activities. Community service and volunteering information is announced at our general meetings. 

Each year, chapters of Phi Theta Kappa take part in creating project that to greatly impacts the community. Honors in Action is the process that provides opportunities to apply learning and practice real-world problem-solving by developing an in-depth, action-oriented project related to Honors Study Topic research. Academic research into the themes related to the Honors Study Topic is what makes the difference between Honors in Action and simply action. Honors in Action is informed action designed to make a lasting impact and contribute to the betterment of society. For more information about the Honors Study Topic and Honors in Action visit http://www.ptk.org/Programs/HonorsinAction.aspx


As a Chapter, Omega Omega strives to become a well-bonded organization. It is in our Chapter’s interest to have a harmonic atmosphere, not only within our Chapter, but with other Chapters of Phi Theta Kappa as well. Through multiple fellowship activities, we aim to develop a welcoming environment where students can connect with other colleagues who share the same interests and ambition for academic learning.

As members of Phi Theta Kappa, you can attend regional and international events hosted for your benefit. 

Learn more about regional events and international events.
Phi Theta Kappa encourages fellowship among its members by hosting fellowship activities for members to interact and make connections with one another. Our calendar has all of the important dates and upcoming events. Click here to view the calendar.