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Heber Bibang

Héber BibangHéber Bibang is an international student from Gabon, Africa, who came in the U.S. to pursue his higher education. While always striving for leadership and academic excellence, Heber plans to major in Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University. He believes that success is defined by the amount of effort, dedication, and perseverance one puts into work.

Vice President of Leadership 

Judith Nunez

Judith Nunez Vice President of Leadership of Phi Theta Kappa. This is my 5th semester at Mountain View College, I will be transferring to UNT to peruse my Bachelors in Social Work. I have a passion for helping others, especially children, they are the future and I want to ensure that every child has the same opportunity to succeed. Stay positive, work hard and make it happen!


Vice President of Scholarship 

Ana Arriola

Ana Arriola
Hello! My name is Ana Arriola and I am the proud Vice President of Scholarship. I am finishing up my second year at Mountain View College and I plan to transfer to the University of Texas at Arlington, majoring in Operations Management. I love talking to people so don't be afraid to say hi in the hallway! 

Vice President of Hallmarks 

Ricardo Rodriguez

Ana Arriola My name is Ricardo Rodriguez and I am the Vice President of Hallmarks for Phi Theta Kappa, Omega Omega Chapter. I was born in San Antonio Texas I am a Spurs fan. I was in a military program where I became cadet of the year in North Texas and a Chief in my squadron.

John 15:13~ Greater love has no man than this that a man lays down his life for his friends. 


Vice President of Public Relations and Communications 

Kristyl Burkey             

Kristyl Burkey is currently pursuing a degree in both in History and Theatre Arts in order to teach at the high school and collegiate levels. It is my mission to use my love and experience in these fields to ignite a passion for History in others by connecting them to the past in an engaging and relatable way, along with embracing community and humanistic empathy through exploration of Theatre Arts.

Treasurer Liliana Gonzalez





George Igagbe

George Ikenna Idagbe holds a bachelor's degree in Architectural Design from his country Nigeria, he is currently studying for an associates' degree in applied science and majoring in computer aided design and drafting. He has cultivated other skills like public speaking, soccer coaching and math tutoring. My purpose is to use my instinctive curiosity to learn new things to fulfill my role as an officer, and make a lasting impact.








Professor Darius Frasure

Professor Darius Ajai Frasure, Minnie Stephens Piper/DCCCD Excellence in Teaching award winner, is a graduate of Paul Quinn College, Luther Rice Seminary, and National University. Under his leadership, the Mountain View College, Omega Omega, chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society has been named Texas Region Top 10Chapter, as well as international Distinguished Chapter with additional accolades. The Texas region has awarded him the Horizon Award, inducted him into the Advisor Hall of Honors, and he has also received Phi Theta Kappa's highest distinction, the Paragon award.

Samar Kolailat

It is my personal belief that a fundamental need of mankind is to make a difference. If I disappeared from the earth tomorrow, I hope I would be missed and remembered by someone I helped at some point during my teaching career. I am extremely passionate when it comes to education and will always be willing to help students achieve their dreams. In fact, when I am confronted with the question of how much I enjoy teaching, my answer is always, "You will never teach students as much as they can teach you. I will never make as positive a difference in their lives as they have in mine. I began my career as a research assistant in Dr. Omary’s laboratory at the University of North Texas where I was involved in several nanoparticle research projects that ranged from bio-imaging techniques to cancer treatment. Prior to the research position, I was employed as an overnight retail clerk and was certainly in need of a more challenging and rewarding career. As luck would have it, Dr. Omary offered me a laboratory research position after noticing my strong work ethic during my time as an undergraduate student researcher. This research opportunity provided me with purpose and confidence, propelling me into a world of discovery, wonder and mystery. I had finally found my niche. The excitement of laboratory research along with the desire to gain more experience ultimately led me to further advance my career goals by pursuing a graduate degree at Texas Woman’s University. Teaching was an integral part of the program, which is where I gained much of my experience in classroom instruction. Considering it was my first time teaching, I was a bit apprehensive and uneasy. My fear later subsided as I realized teaching in front of a classroom was something I enjoyed very much. Fostering the development of students, managing courses, and establishing high teaching standards are some of the responsibilities that make my job fulfilling. I often reflect on my time as a high school student, where I witnessed my chemistry teacher Mr. Jaber present difficult concepts in a fun, interesting, and comprehensible manner. I always strive to provide the very same enriched learning experience as Mr. Jaber delivered to his students. Not a single past employment experience can give me the same sense of satisfaction and pure joy I feel when the students’ "light bulb" of understanding is switched on. After taking an introductory chemistry course, I progressed to more advanced courses like instrumental analysis and quantitative analysis. I found that the courses provided me with a new teaching perspective, which made them even more fascinating. Integrating the methods, while pursuing my master’s, into the courses I currently instruct enables me to provide a unique learning experience and better meet the needs of my students. I will even use toys and commonplace objects (e.g. rubber bands, stepping stools) to provide visual cues and demonstrate theory. My past teaching experiences have provided me with many real-world examples that help students grasp the material and see where they are, indeed, going to "use that" in life. I strongly feel that students should always see a practical use of whatever they are learning. For example, in organic chemistry one of the many subjects that students often find difficult is the Substitution and Elimination process. When explaining the difference between substitution two and one, I always relate them to a real world scenario involving a wife and a sneaky girlfriend. The students find it funny and engaging. There have even been a few cases where students came up to me after class and informed me that my example would always help them remember the difference. In addition to teaching in classroom, I also meet with students nearly every day for tutoring and advising. It is my belief that students sense my genuine concern and appreciate how hard I am willing to work to help them achieve success. A student I didn't know emailed me and said, “I heard great things about your teaching methods and I am looking forward to be in your class." That short, simple email made my day. The times when I can see that I helped a student achieve their goals are the very times that keep me going. Those powerful moments inspire me to keep working harder to reach even more students and help them attain their dreams as well. 

Farzin Farzad, M.Ed 

Farzin Farzad is a Senior Manager for MVC's Instructional Support Labs. In this position he directs the development and coordination of MVC's TSIA boot-camp program; supports instructional innovation on campus; serves as liaison between MVC and high schools; facilitates production of online TSI videos database; assists teachers and students with multimedia tools; and coordinates study groups and peer-tutoring services. Farzad's background in business administration, international economics, and higher education, plus 16 years of business management and teaching experience.  During this time, he has been a business consultant/troubleshooter for educational companies, K-12 instructors and adjunct professors for Mathematics and Economics. His goal is to assist incoming college students become successful in higher education and advance their carriers.