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Recognition Ceremonies

One of the most exciting times at Mountain View College is the end of the year when faculty and staff recognize some of our most outstanding students. We do this is in several ways throughout the year, at the end of the semester we have a few very special ceremonies. The first is a large ceremony during the day where students who have been involved with athletics and those whose academic honors receive recognition from their professors and advisors. 

The second  is an evening banquet where students are recognized for the outstanding acheivements in their students clubs and organizations. 

The third is an evening banquet where the Outstanding Students of the Year are honored.

Student Recognition Day 

Student Recognition Day is held annually on the third Tuesday in April. Students who receive the Presidential High Honors Achievement Award, Student Leadership Awards, Service Awards or Academic Honors are presented with certificates and plaques. Annually, over 400 students are awarded recognition during this ceremony.

Presidential High Honors Criteria:
In order to achieve this recognition, a student must have completed a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of college-level course work with a cumulative GPA2 of 3.80 or better by the end Fall semester.

Student Club Awards  

Advisors of clubs and organizations have the opportunity to honor their student leaders with a certificate.  In addition, one star member will be awarded for exceptional work throughout the year.
In addition, Student Clubs compete for Awards including; Club of the Year, Advisor of the Year, Student of the Year, Unsung Hero, Best Event, and Best New Club.  These awards are presented during the Student Organization Awards Banquet at the end of the Spring Semester.  

The Outstanding Student of the Year Award    

The Outstanding Student of the Year Award is designed to recognize the top students in the area of academia, service and leadership. 

To be nominated by faculty a student must meet this criteria (Students may not approach faculty for nominations):

  • GPA2 - 3.5 minimum 21 MVC credit hours 

  • Demonstrated activity in college or community

  • Personal communications skills - demonstrated in a conversation with nomination committee

  • Personal written skills - which will be demonstrated in an essay

  • Nomination by faculty; seconded by either faculty or staff

  • Currently taking 6 credit hours


  • First place $500.00, second place $300.00, third place $200.00

  • Banquet

  • Plaque for all nominees

  • Photo displayed for one year near the President's Office.


  • Selection committee comprised of one faculty selected by the Dean of each division and PSS and administrator. Committee to be approved by Director of Office of Student Life.

  • Selection based on Nomination Form, Personal Vita, Essay and conversation with committee. 

  • Criteria to be evaluated; Academic Accomplishment (GPA, Coursework, withdrawal history, academic awards); Community and or college service, Communication ability, and overall well-rounded student

  • Interview/Conversation with committee

  • Selection committee makes decision based on the criteria

  • Winner is announced at Outstanding Student Banquet