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College Life Activities

A variety of experiences are available to enrich your personal and intellectual growth and this will contribute to your overall academic success. Check out these experiences below:

Challenge Course: Learning Through Doing

The Challenge Course empowers participants by stimulating their capabilities to plan, strategize, communicate, trust and work as a team…resulting in…self discovery, mutual support, leadership potential, and new perspectives in one's confidence and abilities.  The exhilarating adventure is "team-oriented" and encourages participants to shed the fear of "making mistakes" by promoting experimentation through responsible risk taking.

The Adventure - The philosophy behind the Challenge Course is that of human development and enrichment through group and individual experiential play, which incorporates challenging confrontations. The safe, outdoor adventure sites provide the stimulus for testing and strengthening the ability of groups to communicate, to follow instructions, and to solve mentally difficult problems through team cooperation. Whether strategizing the way to get an entire group on a small platform or working together in order to walk across a moving log, participants learn to deal with potential success and failure experiencing a greater sense of trust and community along with individual and group achievement. MVC offers the Challenge Course free to MVC Students, for outside agencies please call the Office of Student Life for costs and scheduling a group experience, at 214.860.8685

Emphasis Weeks/Months

The Office of Student Life - designs many different emphasis days/weeks and months to enhance awareness of social and cultural issues that pertain to college students, staff and the community. Annual celebrations and Awareness programs include, but are not limited to; National Day of Prayer, Deiz y Seis de Septiembre, Veterans Day, Dia de los Muertos, Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day. Additionally recognized National Emphasis Month/Week programs include, Hispanic Heritage Month, Domestic Violence Awareness, Black History Month and Women’s History Month.

During these activities, students, staff and the community have opportunities to partake in educational workshops, local and national guest speakers, entertainment and festive foods. Each program is specifically designed to capture the intent of the historical, educational or cultural event.

Field Trips, Internships and Conferences: Learning Through Travel

The Boston Excursion is during the spring semester where history comes to life through literature visiting famous writer’s homes such as Hawthorn and Thoreau.

Additionally students travel during leadership conferences such as the HACU Leadership Conference. All of these travel experience are at a subsidized cost for interested students. To apply for these trips, fill out an application located in the Office of Student Life (S1032).

Students have an opportunity to maximize their learning experience while attending MVC by participating in out-of-town study programs. The Austin Internship is held during the spring break week bi-annually for students interested in the legislative process and participating in democracy in action.

Local and National Speakers: Learning Through Listening

MVC hosts a variety of guest speakers during the academic year. Past speakers have included, among many others, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Edward James Olmos, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Lisa Ling, Laura Esquivel, Harry Belafonte, Coach Carter and many others. Our lecture series are designed to complement the classroom learning experience while fostering awareness of critical issues facing our student community.

Student Ambassador Program: Learning Through Leading

Mountain View College's Student Ambassador Program enlists volunteer support from outstanding students to reach out to prospective students and to the community. The Mountain View College Student Ambassador Program was founded in 1996. The purpose the Student Ambassador's are to serve as representatives of Mountain View College. Only ten outstanding students at Mountain View College are selected to become Ambassadors, the selection only happens once a year during the summer, applications are made available in the Office of Student Life each Spring semester.  These student volunteers, working under the direction of the Office of Student Life, play an integral role in a wide range of campus activities throughout the year.

Student Government Association: Learning Through Governing

The Student Government Association is a group comprised of elected and appointed student delegates that act as a liaison between Mountain View College's administration and Mountain View students. Being involved in Student Government gives you an opportunity to affect change and improve campus life. It is a great way to serve the college and work with people from diverse cultures. Plus, colleges, universities and prospective employers recognize participation in Student Government as an indication of commitment and accomplishment. General meetings are open to all registered students. Applications are available in the Office of Student Life and the Student Government office.

Student Leadership Institute

Every student has the ability to influence others, and as result, every student has leadership potential. The Student Leadership Institute helps you to identify the influence you currently have and helps you focus on developing the leadership skills you will need throughout not only your education, but your entire life.

Specifically designed for Mountain View College students, the Student Leadership Institute is packed with workshops and activities that are fun, creative, and offer an engaging way for students to learn and practice leadership. The Institute focuses on developing timeless character traits and leadership principles through the power of image, conversation and experience.

SLI helps student leaders:
  • Break out of the ‘herd’ mentality to influence others in positive ways.
  • Create educational environments that are conducive to higher grades and a greater future.
  • Examine and expand their values.
  • Increase empathy and minimize victimization.
  • Discover their gifts and put them to use.
  • Capitalize on their personal strengths in order to be career-ready upon graduation.
  • Develop critical thinking skills that produce better life choices, such as choosing healthy friendships, becoming involved on campus and within the community, improving time management, and setting meaningful goals.

Building Pathways to Success

This program is designed to guide you on your journey through college, while providing you the necessary tools needed to get the most out of college.

This program is created for:
  • First year student
  • Returning student
  • Student athlete
  • Non-traditional student
  • High school student preparing for college
Utilizing this program will save you time! Allowing you the opportunity to get the most out of your education! This program includes success tools that have proven beneficial to students. This program allows you the opportunity to identify which success tools will work for you based on your time constraints and needs. Remember the skills that will make successful in college are the same skills that make you successful in the workplace – now is the time to refine those skills!