Campus Activity Board (CAB)

​If you enjoy planning events of all kinds or are looking for great leadership opportunity you should consider becoming a part of the MVC Campus Activities Board!

What is Campus Activity Board (CAB)?

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a programming board for Mountain View College. CAB sponsors events and activities implemented by and for students of all backgrounds. The programs take into account the vast population of students, faculty and staff and their programming needs. 

Campus Activities Board: 

  • Plans and develop large-scale events for the student body’s benefit,

  • Build student community by inspiring students to get involved,

  • Empower students to embrace every opportunity to grow, advance, and succeed.

  • Students also have the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences to improve leadership skills and network with other student leaders.

CAB organizes many activities planned for the college community. Student volunteers plan, develop, and implement programs that provide opportunities for growth through educational, cultural, social, and recreational experiences.

Here you will find information on our constitution, our programs and special events, and the rules and regulations that govern our organization.

Membership is open to all qualified students, and the opportunity to grow is limitless. 

Applications will be available at the beginning of summer, the fall and spring semesters.  After reviewing your application, you will be notified by phone if you are accepted. This semester the Campus Activities Board is searching for members who want to be more involved in the creative process of actually implementing and planning events. Again, thank you for being interested in joining our enthusiastic team.