How do I contact coaches for specific sports?

You can either click on "Contact Department" on the MVC Athletic Website, or you can call the MVC Athletic office main number at 214-860-8791 and ask how to find the coach for the sport in which you are interested.

What are the academic qualifications for competing in varsity sports at MVC?

Incoming freshman must have either a GED or a high school diploma,and be able to submit transcripts through the Registrar's Office to that effect.  Once admitted to MVC, student-athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA with course loads of no less than 12 credit hours at all times.  Transfer students from other colleges must also have maintained a 2.0 GPA while attending classes full time (12 credit hours per semester, or 24 credit hours per academic year) to be eligible.  For more specific information regarding eligibility, check with MVC head or assistant coaches in your respective sport.


What conference or division does MVC compete in?

MVC varsity sports are Division III. They do not offer athletic scholarships,but tuition prices are such that most athleties would pay less at MVC than they would attending most other institutions with partial scholarships. MVC is part of the Metro Athletic Conference.Mountain View College is a two-year college, and one of the colleges of the Dallas County Community District.

What intramural or club sports are offered?

We have a cheerleading club and a Women basketball club.


What sports are available at the varsity level at MVC?

  •  Men's Baseball

  •  Men's Basketball

  •  Men's Soccer

  •  Women's Basketball

  •  Women's Volleyball 

  •  Women's Soccer


When and how do I try out for a sport or club sport?

All MVC's varsity programs offer tryouts prior to, and sometimes during the semester, in which the games are played.  Contact the MVC head or assistant coaches in your respective sport for specific times and locations of tryouts.