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Veterans Checklist

Detailed Veteran Enrollment Check-List

Welcome to the Mountain View’s Veterans Affairs Office. We will be glad to assist you in filing for your Veterans educationalbenefits. At this point you should have completed and turned in your Application Packet for Veterans Educational Benefits.However, before the Mountain View Veterans Affairs Office can send a certification of your enrollment to the Department ofVeterans Affairs, you the Veteran/Student must meet necessary VA requirements for enrollment. This is sometimes a time consuming process and will require morethan one visit to the Veterans Affairs Office at Mountain View College. However, this check-list has been prepared for yourconvenience so you may keep track of your progress.

Read this check-list carefully and follow all instructions. It is your responsibility to initiate and complete each step. All stepsmust be completed in order to be certified and receive VA Benefits. If you have any questions, contact the Veterans AffairsOffice at Mountain View College. (S2065, 214-860-8622).

  1. Apply for Admissions. Residency information may be required. Contact the Admissions Office for specifics. (214-860-8600).
  2. Transcripts. It is your responsibility to request Official Academic Transcripts from all colleges previously attended.Transcripts may be mailed directly to: Mountain View College ATTN: Registrar 4849 West Illinois Ave. Dallas, TX 75211
  3. Assessment Test. Complete the Mountain View College Assessment Test. This will evaluate your reading, writing, andmath skills. If you have recently taken the SAT or the ACT (2 years or less), then you may present an official copy of yourscores in place of the Assessment Test. Also, if you are a transfer student you may be exempt from the Assessment Test ifyou have completed enough college credit classes. Official Academic Transcripts from your previous college will be requiredbefore this determination can be made. Contact the Testing/ Assessment Center to schedule an appointment to take theAssessment Test. (214-860-8571).
  4. Educational Plan (Degree Plan). The Veterans Affairs Office will require you to stop by and sign an Educational Plan(Degree Plan). No benefits will be paid without an Educational Plan (Degree Plan). All previous course work must beevaluated before an Official Educational Plan (Degree Plan) can be prepared. Mountain View College must have OfficialAcademic Transcripts from all previous colleges before previous course work can be evaluated.
  5. Academic Advisement. Report to the Advising Office for your academic advisement. You will: A. Complete youreducational plan (Degree Plan). B. Be advised to what courses are required for your course of study. C. Register for classes. The steps listed above may require separate visits to the Advising Office.
  6. Developmental Courses. If you are enrolled in a developmental reading, writing, and/or math course, you must have notpassed the college assessment test. (I.e. TASP, ACCUPLCACER, MAPS, Compass, ASSET) in order to receiveGI Bill® benefits. If you have passed it and you are still required to take developmental course, we need a signed letter from the Dean of that Department in order for you to receive benefits for the developmental class (es) being taken.
  7. Registration Summary. Once you have paid for your classes, you will need to bring a copy of your paid Fee Receipt tothe Veterans Affairs Office. Your Fee Receipt is your proof that you have actually enrolled for classes at Mountain ViewCollege.
  8. Changes. Report any changes such as adding classes, dropping classes, changes of your academic major, addresschanges, and course substitutions to the Veterans Affairs Office. This information is relevant and could effect your VAEducational Benefits Entitlements.

Additional Information

  1. Educational Plan. Always check the classes you plan to enroll in each semester and make sure they fit on theEducational Plan that you have signed. The Veterans Affairs Office cannot certify enrollment for a class that does not fit onyour Educational Plan.
  2. Repeating Classes. If you have received a grade of "F", "W", or "WX", then you may repeat a class once and receivebenefits for that one class. You will not receive benefits for a class repeated more than one time.
  3. Flex Entry and Fast Track Classes. You can receive payments for enrolling in flex entry and fast track classes.However, you are only paid for the period of time you are attending these classes. Your benefits could be altered when youstart or stop attending a flex entry or fast track class.
  4. Continuing Benefits. It is your responsibility to request that the Veterans Affairs Office certify your enrollment to theDepartment of Veterans Affairs each semester that you are enrolled at Mountain View College. The Department of VeteransAffairs must receive a certification of your enrollment from our office before any benefits will be paid. In most cases, a copyof your paid fee receipt/schedule will serve as a request and provide our office with the information necessary to prepare anenrollment certification. However, if you have changed your major, changed your address, or enrolled for developmentalclasses, then you should contact the Veterans Affairs Office for more information as well as providing a copy of your feereceipt/schedule.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.