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Smoking Regulations

​Smoking Policy for Mountain View College

Policy: Smoke-free Campus with Designated Smoking Areas 

Mountain View College is a smoke and tobacco-free campus. This includes but is not limited to the use of chewing tobacco, all smoking tobacco and all forms of electronic cigarettes.

The smoking policy for Mountain View College applies to every employee, student, and visitor while on campus. All Mountain View College campus buildings and grounds are non-smoking areas. There are four designated smoking areas for tobacco use or for electronic smoking devices to be utilize. 

The only authorized areas where tobacco products or electronic smoking devices are permitted is at the following areas: 

  1. The picnic table in front of H Building on the west campus.

  2. The picnic table next to the circle drive across from the S Building on the west campus.

  3. The picnic table between the East Building and B Building (across from gym) on the east campus.

  4. The picnic table by the creek outside E-60 on the east campus.

Enforcement of the Smoking Policy

Anyone observing an individual who is violating this policy may choose to inform the person or persons of the smoke-free policy and refer them to one of the authorized smoking areas, or contact campus police dispatch at 972-860-4290. 

When an individual who is smoking in a non-smoking area is contacted by a college police officer, the officer shall inform the smoker of this policy and request he/she relocate to one of the designated smoking areas. 

The following action can be taken by a campus police officer against anyone who then continues to violate the smoking policy: 

  • Students: a report shall be written by the officer describing the violation and the matter referred to the Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management.

  • Employees: a report will be written describing the violation and the matter referred to his/her supervisor or department head.

  • Visitors: the violator will be escorted off campus and a criminal trespass warning can be issued by the campus police.

Should you have any questions about the Smoking Policy, please contact the Mountain View College Police Department directly at 214-860-8758 or visiting W-135 in the West Building.