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Police & Safety

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mountain View College Police Department is to provide quality law enforcement services to the public and foster a relationship with the college community that will support the academic success of our students. 

About the MVC Police

Officers of the Mountain View College Police Department are duly sworn peace officers under section 51.203 of the Texas Education Code.  The officers possess the same authority under the law as municipal officers.  MVC Police Officers can enforce MVC and DCCCD policies, rules, and regulations as well as State and Federal laws.  MVC Police Officers have authority to arrest violators, investigate criminal offenses, investigate traffic accidents, and provide services to the college community.  MVC Police Officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

MVC Police Officers are available by request to provide the following services, subject to manpower availability:  

  • Investigation of criminal activity on campus 
  • First Response to medical emergencies 
  • Accident/Injury immediate response 
  • Parking enforcement/citations 
  • Traffic enforcement/citations 
  • Personal escorts to vehicles *
  • Assistance with vehicle battery jump start requests * 
  • Lost & found services * 
  • Emergency messages (life or death situations only, please) *

* Denotes services that are subject to officer availability or which may be restricted by law.