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Crime Prevention

“Help us help you avoid being a crime victim.”

The Police Department is available to conduct Crime Prevention Programs for all staff and faculty members, student orientations, and staff development programs. A crime prevention officer is available upon request to provide classroom presentations on various crime-related issues such as date rape, domestic violence, workplace violence, and personal safety. Crime prevention brochures are available at the Police Department, room W135. A primary goal of the Police Department is to maintain a safe and suitable learning environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

Crime Prevention Tips

  1. Mark your books in a discrete place, using your MVC student ID number, Last four of your driver’s license or state ID or any other mark that is unique to you.  
  2. Obtain an anti-theft device for your vehicle such as a steering wheel lock or “kill” switch.  
  3. Lock your vehicle and roll up your windows.
  4. Do not leave valuable items in plain view inside your vehicle.
  5. Do not leave your backpacks, books, cell phone or other personal items unattended for any amount of time.    

Reporting a Crime

Please refer to Procedures for Reporting Crimes and Preserving Evidence.

Crime Reporting

The Mountain View College Police Department is responsible for investigating, and disseminating information on all incidents, injuries, and emergency situations to the appropriate college administrator or outside agency. All offenses occurring on campus should be promptly reported to the Mountain View College Police Department. All reported incidents will be handled in a timely and appropriate manner. Every effort is made to keep the college community informed on a timely basis of serious crime-related incidents.

Annual Crime Statistics are available at the Mountain View College Police Department (W-135) and can be accessed here.

MVC College Emergency Response Team (CERT) Committee

The Mountain View College CERT Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the entire campus community.  Each member has received training from the Dallas Office of Emergency Management.

Testing and Drills
A minimum of two drills involving fire, tornado, hostile intruder and/or active shooter exercises are conducted each year.  These drills may be announced or unannounced. The telephone and public address systems are tested monthly to ensure the clarity of the emergency messages. CERT members receive basic first-aid and AED training in accordance with certification requirements. 

MVC CERT Members

Chief Marvis Mosley (Chairperson)

Janice Walker

Macario Hernandez (Trini Garza ECHS) 

Alan Knott

Eric McKinney

Ronnell Suggs

Cathy Edwards

Dr. Leonard Garrett

Tony Hall

Alice Atchison

Kenne Evans

Luke Story

Debbie Sutton

Marci Garrott

Jose Rodriguez

Denny Sakawat

Margo Silva

Karren Harris

Liz Jackson

Pat Standifer

Johnetta Banks

Florencio Alonso

Regina Garner

Dr. Karen Valencia

​Farzin Farzad
​Officer Alfonso Gonzalez
​Captain Hill
​Commander Hooten


Sex Offender Information

You may obtain sex offender information provided by the State of Texas at:

All registered sex offenders, who attend Mountain View College, are required by law to register with the College Police Department. Failure to do so is a crime.

For further information or assistance, please call 214-860-8758, or visit the College Police Department in Room W135.