The purpose of this annex is to define the operational concepts, organizational arrangements, responsibilities and procedures to accomplish the tasks required of DCCCD and its students, employees and guests to recover from a major emergency or disaster. This includes outlining the process for meeting insurance company, state and/or federal requirements for record keeping in order to be reimbursed for damages and un-budgeted emergency expenditures.

Concept of Operations

The DCCCD disaster recovery program will be conducted in five steps:

  1. Pre-emergency preparedness
  2. Initial damage assessment
  3. Requesting assistance
  4. Short-term recovery activities
  5. Post-declaration recovery programs

The campus presidents, Risk Management, District Facilities Management and location facilities shall coordinate recovery efforts on behalf of the district. A member of Risk Management shall serve as the Disaster Assessment Officer.  All DCCCD departments may be called on to provide staff support for damage assessment and recovery activities.