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Get a Sneak Peek at the New Website Header and Navigation

This article appeared in the Nov. 5, 2019, issue of the student newsletter.

The DCCCD website is getting a new header and new navigation options on Friday, Nov. 8, but we’ve got a preview of what’s changing for you to check out in advance.

“We have had the opportunity to update and streamline the headers of all college websites,” said Luis Merino, assistant director of digital experience. “Our goals were to not overwhelm the user with unnecessary options, words or icons as well as provide an intuitive navigational experience.”

Luis led a team of employees from across the district and involved students in focus groups and other activities during the process of creating the new header. The final product is the result of districtwide collaboration and months of dedicated work.

Take a Look at What’s New

Figure 1: The current website header.

Figure 2: The brand-new website header.

After assembling a team from all colleges and meeting with various students, both prospective and current, we will now provide the following improvements to the header and navigation:

  • A highly visible link to Spanish-language content is now easily accessible to better serve our Spanish-speaking population.
  • The new “Resources For” menu provides access to pages that have links and information relevant to a variety of audiences including:
    • Future students
    • Current students
    • High school students and parents
    • Community
    • Business and Industry
    • Alumni
    • Employees

Figure 3: The new Resources For menu.

Additionally, all your online tools (like eConnect, eCampus, email and SharePoint) are now available in a new dropdown menu.

The listing for “Our Colleges” has also been streamlined, making it easier to jump from college to college.

Figure 4: The new Our Colleges menu.

Search With Ease on Every Page

The search bar is now prominently displayed on all pages in the header for quicker searching.

Figure 4: The search bar will now be visible in the header of each page.

Preview the Improved Web Navigation Tools

  • The primary and secondary navigation items have been reordered and reorganized based entirely on student feedback and insights:

    • “Apply & Register” is now “Admissions”

    • “Services & Resources” is now “Student Resources”

    • “About” has been moved to a secondary navigation along with the additions of a link for contact information and for maps

    • A new call-to-action button has been included in the main navigation to make the process of applying even easier

Figure 5: The old mobile navigation.

Figure 6: The new mobile navigation.

Additional Improvements

  • The header has also been redesigned to be streamlined, so it doesn’t take up so much of your browser’s screen space.

  • Icons have been removed from the primary navigation to make for clearer and more legible text.

  • Colors, contrast and interactions have been improved to make the site more accessible to all users.

  • The mobile experience has been improved to emphasize the information you might need most while you’re on-the-go.