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Enjoy Yourself Before Finals Begin

This article appeared in the Dec. 4, 2018, issue of the student newsletter.

We're almost at the end of the semester, which means finals are here. But don't worry! Most of the colleges of DCCCD have something to take your mind off things before you sit down to take your tests. 

Play with puppies, play games, stuff your face and allow yourself some time for entertainment in between all your studying to get rid of those pre-exam jitters. 

Cedar Valley 

El Centro 

  • Fuel for Finals (Dec. 5): Come to the Student Center for everything from massage therapy to studying tips and snacks before your exams.
  • Relaxation Zone (Dec. 10-13): From the day finals begin on Dec. 10 until they end on Dec. 13, come by the Relaxation Zone for a nice, quiet place to study. 

Mountain View 

  • Puppies Day (Dec. 4): Play with Don, Dolly and a bunch of their friends before finals!
  • Stress Relief Day (Dec. 6): Get all your frustrations out with some stress-relieving activities. 

North Lake 

  • Pancakes and Pajamas (Dec. 4): Throw on your PJs and stop by for some pancakes, coffee and hot chocolate!
  • Free Yoga Class (Dec. 5): What's more relaxing than yoga? Free yoga! 


  • Take a Study Break! Relax! (Dec. 5): Richland is doing its best to make sure you're relaxed for finals in the El Paso Lounge with massages, spa refreshments and color therapy.
  • Game Night and Pizza (Dec. 10): Student Life is back in the El Paso Lounge on the first day of finals for a free night of games and pizza! 

Once you shake all the stress and anxiety off, final exams begin on Dec. 10 and end on Dec. 13. End the semester on a strong note!