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Should You Take Online Clases? Free Tool Can Tell You

This article appeared in a 2015 issue of the student newsletter.

​Each year, about 10,000 DCCCD students take online classes. But online classes are not for everyone. You must be at ease using a computer. Also, you should have the discipline to handle learning on your own and not in a classroom.

Find out if you might prosper as an online student: Use SmarterMeasure, our free online tool. SmarterMeasure is a simple questionnaire. It measures your readiness to handle online classes.

Follow these steps:
  1. Click “Login as a First Time User.”
  2. In the Username field, select any of the choices from the pulldown menu. Note: Any of the options will work; don’t worry if you aren’t, for example, a Dual Credit or El Centro student.
  3. Enter the word student as the password.
  4. Answer the SmarterMeasure questions.

How to Choose Online Classes

Enrollment in online classes at DCCCD is growing quickly. The colleges of DCCCD offer you access to a full range of college courses. You can choose from associate degree and certificate options.

See a complete list of the degrees, certificates and awards you can earn entirely online. You can look for online classes through the browsable class schedule