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Commencement FAQs

Application Process

When should I apply for graduation?

You should apply for graduation the semester before they intend to graduate. It is a good idea to meet with an academic advisor to ensure that the right classes are taken in your final semester. It is also possible that you may be eligible for more than one award if the right schedule is picked in your final term. The application may be submitted online or in the Admissions/Registrar's Office.

How do I know if I am eligible to graduate?

If you have not filed an official degree plan, please do so right away in the Admissions/Registrar's Office. It will allow you to view your program requirements online. Once you have registered for your final classes, it will be updated to show that you are pending completion of your program. An advisor or a degree audit staff member in the Admissions/Registrar's office can answer questions about additional requirements you may have.

How do I make changes to my application for graduation?

The easiest way to make changes is to submit a new application. The most recent application will supersede previous applications. However, if only minor changes are desired, you may contact the Admissions/Registrar's to make the update.

What happens after my application is submitted to the Registrar's Office?

Once the application is submitted by the office, the degree audit team checks to make sure an official degree plan is on file. Then, you will be entered into a database that allows the office to track your progress toward completion. At the completion of the semester, your program will be reviewed, and you will be notified if you have not met the requirements to graduate. If you have completed your coursework, your degree will be conferred.

How can I follow information on graduation and commencement?

Once you have applied for graduation, it is important to regularly check your email, as it will be the primary method of communication used by the office. The graduation website and MVC social media accounts will also periodically post information. If you wish to attend commencement and provide a valid cell phone number, you may also receive information and reminders by text message.

RSVP and Commencement Tickets

Is the RSVP required to attend graduation and receive tickets?

Yes, students must submit an RSVP to attend graduation. It is used to provide a headcount to ensure that seating is available for you at graduation. It is also used to determine the number of guest tickets that each graduate is provided and allows you to reserve them. Additionally, the printed program of the ceremony lists all graduates. For your name to be included when it goes to print, we must have your RSVP on time. If the RSVP is late, the office may be able to make an attempt to include your name in the program or still provide guest tickets. However, it cannot be guaranteed for late RSVPs.

Are tickets required to attend the Graduation Ceremony?

Yes, graduates will be given a limited number of tickets when they pick up their caps and gowns. Adults and children over one year need a ticket in order to be seated at the graduation venue. The seating capacity in public buildings is regulated and monitored by the fire marshal. The number of tickets available each year is determined by the number of students who RSVP in a timely manner.

Can tickets be mailed to me?

No, tickets cannot be mailed. Because tickets cannot be replaced if lost in the mail, they must be picked up in the Admissions/Registrar's Office.

Can I send someone else to pick up my tickets?

Yes, you may designate someone to pick up tickets at any time on your behalf. They must have a letter from you naming them as your designee. They will also have to provide proof of id and provide a copy of your id so that we know they are acting on your behalf.

I need more tickets; how can I request extra tickets?

If you RSVP by the posted deadline, you will have an opportunity to note on the form if you need extra tickets. Availability of extra tickets is determined by the number of graduates how RSVP per term. The higher the number of graduates, the fewer tickets may be available. If a student RSVPs for graduation and never picks up their tickets, they will eventually be released to other students.

What if I don't want to attend commencement, or I do not know if I can come?

Attendance is not required. However, you should still RSVP, so that we know you do not need a seat or tickets for the ceremony. If you aren't sure if you can come, it is best to reply that you will attend. If your plans change, please let the office know and return your tickets, so they can be given to other students as needed.

How can I arrange for an ASL interpreter or other special accommodations for my guests?

Please RSVP by the deadline to ensure that proper accommodation is provided to your guests. There are a limited number of tickets that can accommodate guest with special needs. The RSVP will allow you to request the necessary accommodations to ensure a pleasant experience for your guests.

Graduation Festival

When and what is Grad Fest?

The Graduation Festival (Grad Fest) is an annual celebration in the spring for our graduates. Students are able to purchase regalia and pick up tickets for the first time at the festival. Food and games are provided, and there is an opportunity to decorate the mortarboard/cap if desired. Local four-year universities are on hand to talk about the transfer process, and many provide free applications on the spot for interested students. The Alumni Office also provides a special gift to students that attend.

Commencement Ceremony

How do I order graduation announcement/invitations?

Announcements are typically sent to friends and family to inform them of your accomplishment. Invitations should only be sent to guests who you wish to provide a ticket to the ceremony. Both can be ordered through Jostens online.

Where do I purchase my cap and gown?

The cap and gown will first be available for purchase at the Graduation Festival. The day following the festival, they can be purchased in the bookstore on the first floor of the S building. The complete set of regalia required includes the cap or mortarboard with tassel, a gown, and an MVC stole that is worn around the neck.

Are tickets required to attend the Graduation Ceremony?

Yes, graduates will be given a limited number of tickets when they pick up their caps and gowns. Adults and children over one year need a ticket in order to be seated at the graduation venue. The seating capacity in public buildings is regulated and monitored by the fire marshal. The number of tickets available each year is determined by the number of students who RSVP in a timely manner.

What time do I have to be at graduation?

Graduates are asked to report promptly at 5:30 p.m. for check-in. Families and guests can be seated during graduate check-in. The graduation ceremony will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

Where do I and my guest park?

Complimentary parking is provided at the venue for you and your guests. Disabled parking spots are available in front of the building for those with the proper tags and decals. For guests with limited mobility, there is a handicap accessible ramp (front of the venue on the west side) that can be used for easy entry into the venue.

Are food and drink allowed?

Food or drink may not be brought to the graduation check-in or ceremony. Please eat before you arrive. Water will be available for students prior to the professional.

Is the graduation venue air conditioned?

Yes, the venue is air-conditioned. However, graduation is held in May when temperatures are warm. With the addition of the gown, it will feel warmer. Please dress in light, comfortable clothing. See dress guidelines for additional information.

If my guests have to leave the building, can they come back in later?

The Theatre at Grand Prairie has a "no re-entry" policy during events. Guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergencies must first make contact with a Guest Services supervisor or manager via the Guest Service Center to make necessary arrangements.

I have special needs. What should I do?

If you as the graduate needs special accommodations during the graduation ceremony, please contact the Admissions/Registrar's Office at 214-860-8600 prior to the ceremony. Special accommodations for guests will be provided for students who RSVP for ADA designated tickets. Services animals are welcomed into the building and must remain on a leash or harness at all times. If you intend to bring a service animal into the building, please note this on your RSVP.

Are bags and strollers allowed in the graduation venue?

All bags larger than 14" square, i.e. backpacks, suitcases, beach bags, etc. will be prohibited from entry into the theatre. Strollers are not permitted in the venue and may not be held at the door. Guests are encouraged to leave strollers in their vehicles prior to arrival at the theatre entrance.

Are professional photographs available?

Yes, a professional photographer will take photos of each graduate receiving his or her diploma. Photo proofs will be available through Flash photography.

Are flowers, balloons, air horns or other noisemakers allowed?

No, these are all prohibited by the graduation venue and may not be brought into the building.

Is smoking allowed at the graduation venue?

Smoking is not permitted inside the theatre at any time. Smoking areas are located on the east and west sides of the venue.

How long is the graduation ceremony?

The ceremony starts promptly at 7 p.m. Guest should arrive prior to the start time and be seated before the professional. Guests may not be seated as the graduates enter the auditorium. The ceremony length varies depending on the number of graduations. However, anticipate it lasting approximately two hours or slightly more for larger groups.

What happens if it rains?

The venue is indoors, so rain will not affect or delay the ceremony.

Are souvenirs available for purchase?

The bookstore will be on hand with MVC gear and souvenirs for purchase. Flowers cannot be brought into the building.

Will my name and honors be announced when I walk across the stage?

Your first and last name will be called when you walk across the stage. As you present your card, there will be an opportunity to clarify your name to the presenter, if desired. The only other information called are specific graduation honors based on GPA; the President's Honor Roll, Vice President's Honor Roll, and High Academic Honors. Additionally, a student belonging to certain honor societies will have them membership designated in the program, although it will not be called.

Certificates, Degrees, and Diplomas

Can I receive more than one degree/certificate?

In most circumstances, students can receive multiple awards. However, the policy prohibits the conferral of both the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science. Most other combinations may be approved. Please see an academic advisor or a degree audit staff member to discuss your options.

When will my degree be posted to my records/transcript?

Degrees cannot be awarded before the last day of the term. Because Mountain View awards hundreds of degrees a semester, it may take up to five weeks before your degree is posted and approximately another two or three weeks before the diploma is ready for pickup.

Can the evaluation of my degree/credentials be expedited?

In most circumstances, it cannot be expedited. Please see a degree audit staff member if you have a special circumstance to discuss.

What/when is the Conferral date?

Diplomas and transcripts are printed with the last day of the term for the conferral date.

How do I qualify for honors at graduation?

Honors at commencement are called according to the last semester of completed enrollment. Honors are not posted on the diploma or transcript.

When do I receive my diploma/certificate?

Diplomas are mailed or ready for pickup approximate five to seven weeks after the last day of the term.

Can I complete a second degree after I graduate?

Students can return to DCCCD after graduation to complete another degree. However, the policy prohibits the conferral of both the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science. Most other combinations may be approved. Please see an academic advisor or a degree audit staff member to discuss your options.


What is the MVC Alumni Network?

The MVC Alumni Network aims to strengthen and foster the relationships between Mountain View College and its alumni by developing engagement opportunities for the lifelong professional growth of its members. Sign up here to get more information about future alumni programs and events. You can also visit our MVC Alumni Website

Can I join the MVC Alumni Network if I transferred to a four-year institution before completing the credits for an associate's degree, or certificate?

An MVC alumnus or alumna is anyone having obtained a degree, or certification, or completed 12 credit hours (but have not been enrolled for the past five years) If you don't meet this criterion, but are interested in joining our network, email us at or

Transfer to Four Year Institution

How do I transfer to a four-year university?

If you know where you want to transfer, select the Associate degree that will help you get the most value from your time here. An advisor at that university can typically make recommendations that will maximize the benefits of taking your first two years at Mountain View. Our advisors here frequently work with students who want to transfer and also provide guidance here. The College frequently invites four-year universities on campus to talk to students and a transfer fair is held every year, so students can meet admissions counselors and discuss the application.

What is reverse transfer?

Traditionally, courses you take at Mountain View College can be applied toward a degree at a four-year university. The "reverse" in reverse transfer means that courses you take at a four-year university are applied toward an associate degree at Mountain View College. Even if you plan to obtain a bachelor's degree, having another degree on your résumé can help you in the job market. Typically, you need to select "Reverse Transfer" on your application or let the four-year university that you want to do the reverse transfer with Mountain View, and then you don't have to lift another finger. Your university can work with us to ensure that your classes transfer back to determine eligibility for additional degrees.