Commencement Dress Guidelines

Commencement Dress Guidelines

Suggested Attire

Sleeveless dresses, dress pants or khakis, dress shirt with tie, suits (dress, skirt, pants)

Dark dress shoes, including; flats, loafers, low dress heels

Mortarboards (caps) are worn parallel to the floor with the tassel on the right, decorations are allowed

Keys, wallets and cell phones must be carried in a pocket underneath the gown, not held in the hand

Cap and gown should be removed from the plastic bag at least 48 hours prior to the ceremony to allow the folds produced as a result of packaging to relax.

Attire Not Recommended

No flowers are allowed by the graduation venue

No sandals or tennis shoes

No high heels due to steep stairs

No backpacks, purses, or laptops/tablets

New shoes may be uncomfortable as they will not be broken in yet

Avoid warm clothing