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Cap and Gown FAQs

How should my cap be worn?

The cap is worn so the mortarboard is level and parallel to the ceiling.  It should not be tipped to the back or to the side of the head.  The crown should be approximately one inch above the eyebrows and rest approximately one to one and one-half inches above each ear.  The point will be close to the middle of your forehead.  This also helps ensure the mortarboard is level. 

How do I tell the front from the back of the cap?

The front of the cap is indicated on the inside of your cap. Place the cap on your head as instructed above. 

Should the cap be removed anytime during the graduation ceremony?

The cap is an essential part of the academic dress and remains on the head throughout the graduation ceremony. 

May I decorate my cap?

Graduates may decorate their caps if they would like.  Such decorations should be in good taste, be a positive representation of MVC and our academic programs and be family-friendly (since graduation is a family event).  Decorations should be limited to the top of the graduation cap.  Graduates with decorations that do not meet these guidelines may be asked to remove their decorations prior to the ceremony.

 How do I wear the tassel?

Tassels are worn forward on the right front side. When the cap is in the correct position on the head, the tassel will hang off the right front cap edge.  Tassels must never hang off the back of the cap.  All graduates wear the tassel on the same side. During the ceremony, the graduates will be instructed to move their tassels to the left to signify the conferring of the degree/certificate.   

How do I take care of my gown?

The gown should NOT be put in a hot dryer or ironed! 

Place your robe on a hanger immediately.  You may want to place your robe in the bathroom while showering; the steam will assist in removing the wrinkles.

What should I wear underneath the gown?

You should wear lightweight, comfortable clothing underneath the gown.                

Your clothes should have at least one pocket to carry essential valuables. 

May I wear anything other than my cap, gown, and MVC stole?

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) pins may be worn because they are academic emblems, but no other jewelry should be worn or pinned on the gown.  PTK students will wear a gold sash.  Gold cords should be worn over the sash.

PTK, Veterans, and Honor Program graduates may wear graduation cords.  All other academic regalia such as stoles, cords and pins should be approved by the Admissions/Registrar's Office.

How do I order a class ring?

Class rings can be ordered online through Jostens.

The only item you will be carrying in your hands will be your name card!

Since you will not be allowed to carry any of your personal items into the graduation ceremony (for example, purses, cameras, cell phones, etc.), you will need to leave these belongings at home, with your family or friends, or in the trunk of your car.  Remember, flowers are not allowed on stage or in the audience. Wear clothing that will allow your essential valuables, such as your car keys, to be placed in your pockets under your gown.