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Cuba (May 2019)

Dates: May 19 - June 1, 2019.
Host College: Mountain View College
Cost: $3,250

Credit: 3 Credit hours of Spanish: SPAN 1300 or SPAN 2311

Payment & Events Schedule

Apply Today!

Request Application from Instructor Ulises Rodriguez. 

Contact at UlisesRodriguez@dcccd.edu or at 214-860-8792 



March 5, 2019 deadline 

Non-Refundable  Down Payment of $850.00

March 30, 2019 deadline 

Final Payment due

March 30, 2019 deadline

Traveling Documents due

Summer Registration. (mid to late April)


May 6, 2019
May 6, 2019 Complete Placement Exam by Vendor

View Cuba Itinerary

Prospects should start making payments for this Cuba: Cultural/academic Experience ‘19 trip at the Mountain View College Cashier’s Office regardless of their ability to secure a scholarship. The account number is 24-06-939422-86900. You will receive TWO (2) receipts. You MUST bring one to Professor Rodriguez at Office W70 or drop it off with attention to him on Office: E39. Prospects MUST print this email and bring it to make payments.

Payments must be made at Mountain View College. 


There are two Scholarships that can help you make this trip more affordable, shall you qualify for them:

Richard McCrary International Scholarship from the DCCCD at The Foundation: DCCCD Foundation

Eric Trujillo Study Abroad and Field of Study Scholarship from the DCCCD at The Foundation: Study Abroad Field of Study

Scholarship opportunities close on April 1, 2019.

Full Scholarship Information Document 


  • Pay with check: This payment is in person only and the check must meet the following criteria: The checks cannot be out of state, temporary or credit card checks. They must have printed information such as name and address on the check. You must include your driver license number, phone number and date of birth. The check should be made out to Mountain View College for the exact amount (for either the down payment or the total amount). Tuition would be due in April.
  • Pay with a credit card on campus and in person. In April the tuition would be due.
  • Pay with a credit card over the phone. MVC can take this information, but the college may need to call students back since MVC is not yet set up to just take the payments straight away when students call.
  • Unfortunately, at this time there is no access to make trip payments online.
  • Make tuition payments. The process and methodology are identical as above, the only difference is on the timing.
  • Tuition payments will start processing when summer registration opens. 

Already a College Graduate?

If you're a returning student, you will be considering a brand new student due to the nature of this trip. You must apply online at MVC Admissions and follow the steps to fill out a "New/Former Credit Student Application." Please be sure to check any boxes indicating you would like your information sent directly to the college of DCCCD. 

Full Post-Graduate Information Page


Ulises Rodriguez at 214-860-8792 or UlisesRodriguez@dcccd.edu

Contact Dr. Grant Sisk at gsisk@dcccd.edu for questions regarding Study Abroad at the colleges of DCCCD or to inquire about other trips.