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Probation Policies

If you are placed on scholastic probation, your advisor can help you develop a plan to raise your GPA. Read the catalog for more information about scholastic probation/suspension.

Guidelines for students planning to attend Mountain View College:

  • Meet (face-to-face) with an advisor a minimum of 4 times during the Fall/Spring semesters, bi-weekly in the Summer. Meetings will be used for, but not be limited to, discussions on classroom progress, financial concerns, program of study, degree mapping and any personal concerns which may be affecting your academic success.
  • Strongly encouraged to actively take part in campus tutoring program 1 hour per week, campus involvement such as clubs and other organizations and leadership opportunities through the Office of Student Life.
  • If you are on academic suspension or academic dismissal from another institution, you are not guaranteed admission to the college unless you have met the academic standings required by the college. If you plan on attending one of the other DCCCD campuses please check their website for requirements and regulations.
  • Students on probation may have course work and total number of credit hours limited and may be required to register for specific courses.

The deadline for appeals/readmits for the Fall 2016 semester is August 5. Any appeals/readmits received after August 5 will be held for the 2017 Spring semester.

An academic advisor will act as your advocate for any issue you may encounter that can impact your academic success.

Transferring from Other Colleges

Students on Academic Probation or in academic distress from another institution may have their academic history reviewed for admission based on college requirements.