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TSI Test Prep

TSI Boot Camp​

What is the Mountain View College TSI Camp program?

Mountain View College's TSI Camp is a program dedicated to assisting current and future college students in learning the material required to fulfill the TSI requirements. The program is offered by our savvy personnel in the MVC Instructional Support Labs.​

​Who is our targeted area population?

Our TSI Camp program is designed for individuals who are seeking to achieve a higher education. This program is perfect for high school students preparing to enter college. Our objective is to help you excel in the following TSI topics: Math, Reading, Writing, and Basic Computer Skills.

What is the MVC TSI Camp schedule?

The TSI Camp will run for one day. Actual date and times will vary. Please click below to see the current schedule.

Weekly Sessions


How to register using the Online Calendar:

  1. Click on the calendar icon.
  2. Next click on the corresponding date and time that you would like to take your specific boot camp topic on.
  3. A box will then appear on the bottom right hand corner with a red tab, and the word register.
  4. Once you have clicked on the register tab, a new screen will appear.
  5. The registration form should pop up, next you will type in your first and last name in the participant name box.
  6. Receive confirmation of boot camp registration, enter email in the last box.
  7. Once you are finished click on the blue submit tab, on the bottom left hand corner.

Bootcamp Participants Only

Testing Registration


We are not going to make it complicated for you, and we are determined to help you pass the TSI. 

The only thing we require from you is: YOUR DESIRE TO SUCCEED

For more information:

Call the Instructional Lab at 214-860-8538/8879 or visit our website
Farzin Farzad: 972-860-5613
Gaston Traore: 214-860-8687

How to register on MVC Boot Camps