Online Tutoring

Instructional Support Mission Statement:

Instructional Support Online is a tutoring program offered by the Instructional Support Lab. This program is available for most college courses and to any existing DCCCD student enrolled in at least one course for the current semester. Students will interact with a real tutor in real time. Tutors will SOLELY assist students with questions they might have about their assignments. Tutors WILL NOT assist students with their quizzes or exams. 

How to Sign Up for a Session

To sign up for an ISO session, students must send an email to with the following information:

  • Subject: In the subject line, you must type Online Tutoring - Last Name - Student ID  
  • Description: The email must contain the name of the course in which you would need assistance with. Also please include a preferred date and time between 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday; and 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Friday and Saturday 
  • Students may also add any additional notes in the email
  • No sessions during holidays or school breaks
  • Personal email addresses are preferred

Additional Information

More than one student can join the session. Students wanting to work in groups from different locations must send only one email and specify email addresses of all concerned students. All students MUST be existing DCCCD students and enrolled in at least one course. If the requested date is not available, some alternative dates will be suggested back to the student. Students can only sign up for an hour session per day. Once the tutoring session has been confirmed, students will receive an email with a call to action.  

Hardware and Software Requirements

The platform used for this program IS NOT compatible with Macs, Chromebooks, Cellphones, Androids or Apple tablets. Students MUST have access to a Windows laptop or desktop with internet capabilities. NO HOTPOT devices are allowed. 

Chrome browsing software is highly recommended. Firefox is also a good alternative. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are NOT RECOMMENDED. 

Although not required, a webcam and headset would be convenient for better communication between the tutor and student. 

Once the session has started, the student receiving support is expected to be in a quiet room and have joined the meeting within 10 minutes of the scheduled session. If not, the session will be canceled and may not be rescheduled for that same day. Students are encouraged to join the meeting before the start time to familiarize with the platform. 

For assistance with any other questions or concerns, please contact: