Instructional Testing

​Testing Information for Students

Student Requirements for Instructional Testing:

  • Must have MVC Photo ID
  • Must know DCCCD ID Number
  • Must know Instructor's Name
  • Must know Course Name and Number
  • Must know Exam Number
  • Only materials needed for testing will be allowed in the testing room. (All other items need to be secured prior to testing).

Personal Items:

Students are not allowed to bring personal items into the Testing Center. These items includes rolling bags, backpacks, cell phones, mp3 players and/or any other electronic device that has not been approved by the Instructor. There are reimbursable lockers for a quarter available outside the Testing Center for  storage.


Do not bring children to the testing Center. You must make arrangements for the care of your children prior to exam date. The police department will be notified of any unattended children. 

Students are not allowed to take any testing materials with them when leaving the Testing Center.  

All testing materials must be turned in after completing an exam.


If a scantron is needed for testing purposes, they can be purchased at the bookstore (S-1078) or at the vending machine located in the West Building next to the elevators on the first floor. MVC Photo IDs

MVC Photo IDs are available at the Office of Student Life, room S-1032.

Additional Questions:

Students are welcome to visit the Testing Center located in S-2101 or call us at 214-860-8571.

Special notes:

A photo ID is required for ALL testing.

Cell phones are prohibited during testing and must be placed in lockers prior to taking an exam.

Students must have a Testing Referral to take the TSIA exam.

Testing Information for Faculty

Procedures for Faculty

Please ensure that all exams placed in the Testing Center include the following:

  • Instructor's Name, Course and Test number. This information should appear on the first page of each exam (i.e. Engl 1301 Test 1, Engl 1301 Test 2 etc.).  This process will assist staff with test tracking and ensure students are taking the correct exam.
  • Please proofread test copies for errors. The Testing Center staff will not be responsible for correcting test errors.
  • Complete a Test Administration form when submitting an exam for student distribution. These forms are designed to give the Testing staff your specific exam instructions when administering your exams to the student. These forms can be found in the faculty work room, located in the S-2103 in the Testing Center.
  • When submitting test copies, 15 re-usable/recirculated copies of an exam will be adequate. The Testing Center does not make additional copies and/or print any exams copies for distribution.
  • Please note that the Testing Center does not take any outside work from students (homework, surveys, projects, etc.).
  • Please do not customize or complicate instructions for your exams. Remember the Testing Center handles thousands of documents weekly and complicated requests could result in confusion and/or errors.
  • If you are placing an online exam in the Testing Center and it requires staff input a password, please make all passwords legible and as short as possible. This will eliminate any errors while manually inputting the passwords to access their exams.
  • Final exams are to be administered in the classroom according to the published Final Exam Schedule. The Testing Center does not administer Final Exams.

Additional Questions:

Please visit the Testing Center located in S-2101 or call us at 214-860-8571.

Testing Center Protocol

Student will not be allowed to bring in unauthorized materials including cell phones, purses, book bags, and all electronic devices. (Authorized materials include student ID and pencil, unless prior approval is granted by instructor.)

Students with unauthorized items in their possession prior to testing will be required to secure them outside the Testing Center. (The MVC Testing Center Staff is not responsible for securing student items; this is the sole responsibility of the student.)

Students having unauthorized material will have their exams taken up, upon discovery, and told to speak to their respective Instructor. 

A detailed "irregularity report" will be executed if the student appears to be cheating while using unauthorized material and/or observed engaging in other types of academic dishonesty.

  • A photo I.D. is required for ALL testing. 
  • Cellphones are not allowed in the testing rooms.
  • Students must have a Testing Referral to take the TSIA exam