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Main: DISD Graduation Rates and Demographic Update

DISD Graduation Rates and Demographic Update

The referenced compilation of reports was prepared by the DCCCD Institutinoal research Office for the May 2008 Board Work Session
DISD Graduation Rates and Demographic Update 65 total pages containing: 
Section I - "Cities in Crises - A Special Analytic Report on High School Graduation" - a little less than half of DISD freshman graduate from high school.  There is a huge divide between urban and suburban HS graduation rates; And DISD HS Grad rate is 5th from the bottom out of 50 Largest US Cities school districts (pages 12-13)
Sections II and III - "Texas State Card" "Knocking at College Door":  -High School dropouts in Texas are costing the Tax payers $billions (page 20) and Graduation rate calculations differ, are misleading, and mask the truth (page 22); And there is a huge gap (29%) in graduation rates between Whites-Asians vs. Blacks-Hispanics  (page 24)
Section IV - "DISD Demographic Update" (page 37): MOST APPLICABLE TO MVC - Projections of housing occupancy students per household, and effect on MVC service area high schools
-(page 46) Administrative Areas 5 and 6 contain Kimball, South Oak Cliff, Molina, and Sunset high schools
-(page 47) Subdivisions surrounding Molina HS (and MVC) had the highest average ratios of any HS in DISD, with more than 1 (1.07) HS Student per housing unit - DISD Average is less than half (.43)
-(page 53) Most overcrowded HSs include Molina and Kimball
-(page 55) DISD since 1986 - 71% loss in non-minority, 27% decline in African American, and 174% increase in Hispanic students
-(page 56) Significant housing activity growth over next 10 years in 3 out of 4 MVC Svc area HS's
Section V - "DCCCD Specific Info" (pages 61-63): <25% of HS grads in MVC Svc area enroll in DCCCD colleges (MVC)