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Main: MVC Service Area Population Statistics

MVC Service Area Population Statistics
The Mountain View College service area population statistics presented in this report were compiled using data sets from the US Census Bureau.
General Population Description:
According to the US Census Bureau, an estimated 349,065 individuals resided in the Mountain View College service area in 2010.  This is an increase of almost 50,000 individuals, or 16%, from 2000.  Between 1990 and 2000, the MVC service area's estimated population increased by almost 52,000 individuals, or about 21%.  In 2010, the ethnic composition of the MVC service area was 53% Hispanic, 25% African-American, 18% White, and 3% Other.  Forty-two percent of the population's households earned less than $35,000 annually, and the median household income was $40,177.  Of adults 25 years of age and older, 20% had a college degree, 19% had some college but no degree, 28% had a high school diploma only, and 33% did not graduate from high school.  (See Charts pages 6-9 and Tables pages 10-14)
MVC Service Area Map (page 5 of report)