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Business/Cashier Offices

Business Office

Mission Statement

MVC Business Operations is committed to effectively partnering with customers (students, employees, and business partners) in providing quality, courteous, timely, and continuously improving accounting and financial services which include:

  • General ledger maintenance 
  • Accounts payable/receivable 
  • Budget control & guidance 
  • Purchasing Services Auxiliary Services (Bookstore, Food Services, Pay for Print, & Vending) 
  • Training & compliance w/State & District Business Procedures and Policies 
Mountain View College
Attn: Business Office
4849 W. Illinois Ave.
Dallas, TX 75211-6599
phone: 214-860-8709 or 214-860-8710 or 214-860-8674
email: or or
office hours: Monday and Thursday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Cashier Services

The Cashier’ Office provides the following services: 

Provide change to students and employees, funds permitting Provide general directions to division offices, classrooms, etc. Provide vending refunds if the machine failed to deliver the product (refunds for vending are provided to MVC from vending provider, they are not MVC funds) Issue employee petty cash reimbursements and advances Notify divisions of receipt of vendor checks ready for pick-up Notify HR of receipt of payroll checks ready for release to employee 

The Cashier’s Office can take payments for: 

Credit & Continuing Education courses Facility rentals Theater events Club fundraisers & dues Parking tickets Returned checks Testing Center exams Student Loan payments Employee travel payments 

Cashier’s Office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: What forms of payment are accepted? 
A: Cash, credit/debit cards, money orders, preprinted checks, & cashier checks Q: When paying with a check, what information is needed on the check? 

A: On preprinted checks (no temporary checks), write down the driver license number, phone number, and birth date of the person signing the check, as well as the student identification number 
Q: What credit cards do you accept? A: We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express 

Q: How soon after I register for my classes must I pay for them? 
A: Payment due dates are stated on the registration summary; please pay by the payment due date or you risk being dropped from your class(es); due dates will vary depending on when you registered 

Q: Do tuition payments have to be made in person? 
A: No, students may pay for credit classes online, using a credit/debit card; online payment can be made here: under Payment & Disbursements. Payment for corporate and continuing education classes can be made by calling the Cashier's Office at the numbers above; payments may also be mailed to the following address: 

Mountain View College 
Attn: Business Operations 4849 W. Illinois Ave Dallas, TX 75211 
NOTE: Please ensure to allow for sufficient time for the check to arrive in time to be processed by the due date on the registrations summery, otherwise you run the risk of being deregistered. If this happens, you will need to be put back in the class through the Advising/Admissions Office 

Q: How long does it take to get a refund? 
A: Refunds can take up to four weeks, depending on disbursement schedules. DCCCD colleges do not give CA$H Refunds! 

Q: How will my refund come? 
A: Verify your e-Connect settings under My Disbursements first. Generally, however, if you paid with cash or check, your refund is processed through eRefunds; payments made by credit/debit cards are reimbursed to the same card; multiple forms of payment may result in multiple forms of reimbursement and may delay processing. Learn more about refunds at link for eRefunds

Q: Can you accept my financial aid check as payment for my tuition? 
A: You will need to have your check deposited in your personal account or cashed elsewhere and then pay the tuition 

Q: If I write a bad check, may I write another check to cover it? 
A: No, you will not be allowed to write a check to cover a bad check; only cash, credit/debit cards, cashier checks, or money orders will be accepted to clear a bad check; additionally, there will be a $25 service charge for a returned check 

Q: Can the Cashier’s Office cash my personal check? 
A: No, neither employees nor students can cash personal checks at the Cashier’s Office 

Q: Are partial payments an option? 
A: You may sign up for Tuition Installment Plans (TIP) during Fall and Spring semesters only by the due date on your registration summary; partial payments are not accepted to hold your classes 

Q: Can I sign up for the payment plan over the phone or send someone in to sign up for me? 
A: Students must appear in person to sign up for payment plans, as the payment plan agreement must be signed by the student; or sign up for it through eConnect, this option allows for an electronic signature 

Q: May I make a TIP payment online? 
A: Yes, go online to eConnect and choose: Make a Payment 

Q: What kinds of classes are covered by the payment plan? 
A: Only credit classes during the Fall and Spring semesters may be set up on the Tuition Installment Plan; courses taken during the summer or flex-entry, are not eligible for the TIP 

Q: What happens if I add or drop a class while on the payment plan? 
A: Adding or dropping a class always generates a new invoice whether you are on the payment plan or not; when you add or drop a class, be sure to check the payment due date at the bottom of your new registration statement; if any amount owed is not paid by the payment due date on the registration statement, you run the risk of being dropped from your class(es); in addition, you must go online or the Cashier’s Office to add new classes to the payment plan; new due date and ½ of the tuition cost of the added class must be paid to ensure enrollment in the class 

Q: When I tried to access eConnect, I was denied. What are the criteria for using eConnect? 
A: Students who have registered for credit courses can pay online through eConnect with a credit/debit card 

Q: I put a stop payment on a check; does this mean I am automatically withdrawn from my classes? 
A: No, a stop payment is treated as a returned check; the student will be charged a $25 service charge, in addition to any tuition owed; stopping payment on a check does not drop a student from classes; it is the student's responsibility to drop/withdraw through the Admissions Office and pay any resulting costs

Cashier’s Office 

Hours of Operation: 
Monday & Thursday - 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. 
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 


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