FAQs for First-Time College Students

How can I afford college?

DCCCD offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the state with classes costing $59 per credit hour for Dallas County residents. Many of our students qualify for financial aid.

How can I go to college when I have young children to care for?

Some of our colleges have child care or Head Start programs available.

For additional child care resources, please contact the DCCCD Navigators at 972-669-6599. They will be happy to provide referral information.

I would like to take classes on campus, but I have transportation concerns. What should I do?

Qualified DCCCD students can ride DART for free! There are DART stops at all seven of our colleges. Learn more about the free DART GoPass for students.

Can I come to college if I graduated from high school years ago? Is it too late for me?

It is never too late to attend college. We have many degrees and certificates available. The average age of our students is 27, but we have students of all ages and backgrounds. We have a place for you!

How do I know what classes I should take?

The classes you take in your first semester depend on several factors such as your TSI scores, individual college requirements and your major/career path.

Many students will need developmental classes to prepare for college level work. Most students will be required to take EDUC 1300 during their first semester.

EDUC 1300 is a class that is designed to help students gain the skills needed to be successful in college.

If you are unsure about your major or career path, that is okay. Your academic advisor will assist you in selecting classes that fit your individual situation.

What services are available to me as a student?

DCCCD offers a wide range of services to help students succeed on their educational journey. Academic advisors will help you select classes and a degree or career plan, called a Guided Pathway. They also help you register for classes.

All colleges offer tutoring services for students. Career Services helps students with resume writing, interview preparation and career information.

Other services include:

  • Counseling
  • Health centers
  • Disability services
  • Veterans’ services

If you need help of any kind, just ask your instructor or academic advisor. If they are not the people to help, they can direct you to another office or person who can assist you.

All campus services are free to current students of the colleges of DCCCD.

Will going to college really benefit me? Will I get a better job or make more money if I go to college?

The benefits of a college education are numerous. Research shows that college graduates make significantly more money than those with only a high school diploma. Some studies show that college graduates will make as much as 84% more money in their lifetimes than those without degrees.

Many desirable jobs require specific skills or licenses only available with a college education.

In addition, college provides the opportunity to learn and grow as a person, learn information that you will use the rest of your life and develop lifelong friendships. College is a great opportunity for everyone.