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Due to COVID-19, PTK's international conference Catalyst 2020 had to be turned into a virtual event. Mountain View student Neville Scott was part of a panel discussion, and the Mountain View Omega Omega chapter received four international Hallmark awards.

Congratulations to Dr. Beatriz Joseph and the Mountain View PTK Advising team for their awards:

Cathy Edwards - Paragon for New Advisors

Darius Frasure - Distinguished Advisor

Cathy Edwards, Farzin Farzad, Darius Frasure, Luke Story - Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team

Dr. Beatriz Joseph - Paragon for New Presidents

"I was humbled to be chosen, along with Dr. Eddie Tealer and Dr. Joe Seabrooks, as a Paragon for New Presidents awards recipient," Joseph said. "It has been my great honor to watch our PTK students soar during my first year at MVC, and I am so proud of them and their great team of advisors."