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Husband and wife duo Jared Robinson and Spring Stout have found their niche in the Mountain View College welding lab. 

Since starting work towards their certificate in June, Robinson and Stout are already on track to graduate in May – an example of hard work and dedication truly paying off, said Ron Henderson, instructor. 

"If you apply yourself, you can start making money pretty quickly," Henderson said. "Anyone can do it, it's just about how badly do you want it?"

Robinson, a barbeque chef, became interested in welding after deciding that he wanted to build his own smoker. 

"I'm around smokers so much, and I started thinking, 'I bet I could build one of those,'" he said. "So I decided to try and get my certificate, and it turned out that I really enjoy welding and making things."

Stout, an artist, was drawn to the idea of welding as an extra medium she could create in.

"I wasn't planning on welding at first, but I began really enjoying it," she said. 

The flexibility of Henderson, and other Mountain View instructors, has been vital in Robinson and Stout's success. The couple have two kids and work at night, so having the understanding of their instructors has been invaluable.

"We have a really good support system that help us with the kids, but if it weren't for the flexibility of the program, it would be pretty tough on us," Robinson said. 

For Henderson, helping the couple earn their certificates has been a joy. 

"A husband and wife come up here, work on the same things, and are wanting to get the same certificate together – to me, that's just super cool," Henderson said. "And both are excellent welders."

Mountain View has the only two-year welding certificate program in the district. In addition, students can receive up to three different welding certificates and one associate welding degree.

"We want you to succeed here," Henderson said. "But, at the end, it's all about how badly you want it."