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Monday marks the beginning of Mountain View College's Visual Art Faculty Exhibition, held in the Cliff Gallery. Nineteen pieces are displayed in the Cliff Gallery – all from Mountain View faculty members.

The exhibition runs from Monday, Nov. 18 to Dec. 13. A public reception will be held on Dec. 6 at 7 p.m. that is open to faculty, staff and students.

"The exhibition includes exemplary works of art by 19 of our visual art faculty, many of whom exhibit locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally," said Alison Starr, Cliff Gallery director. "No one theme was chosen for this show, yet it seems evident some of the artists considered identity, politics, feminism, environmentalism, memory and the symbolism of contemporary life as they created their pieces ."

Starr described the art as "poignant, dynamic, engaging, thoughtful and powerful."

A small shift in scheduling, Starr said, led to more faculty members submitting art; the previous exhibitions were held near the end of the Spring semester, before many faculty members go on summer vacation. 

Danette Dufilho of Conduit Gallery will jury the exhibition, and Dufilho's choice of artist will be awarded a five-week Summer 2020 artist residency in the Cliff Gallery, as well as utilization of a studio art space on our campus.

"This is a pilot project that will be evaluated after the first year," Starr said. "We hope to provide valuable space and time for the awarded artist."

Starr said this year's exhibition includes the use of 3D-printed jewelry with silver and gemstones, among other unique pieces.

"One of our smallest pieces here is six-by-six – a piece about identity and the border," Starr said. "Another work in the exhibition is a pair of laser-cut skateboards, with the boards serving as a kind of canvas."

Other pieces include a welded work that responds to a famous painting by Picaso, photographs and several sculptures.

The Cliff Gallery is free and open to anyone. See below for a list of the Faculty Exhibition artists and their pieces.

Mary Becker, Rose Bowl, stoneware

Patrick O'Neill, Choice, inkjet print

Leslie Martinez, Peligrosa, oil, acrylic, pumice and glitter, on canvas; franklin countryman, Untitled 2019, photograph

Cristina Medina, Los Grandes Olvidados, fabric, mixed media

Art Garcia, 07291933, doors, wood, copper, bronze, enamel

Eliana Miranda, Textile Waters, acrylic and ink on vellum paper

Adrienne Cook "Was it a ghost?" laser cut acrylic, ink, paint, wire

Angelita RodriguezComprando, UltraChrome Print

Nancy Dart Neergaard, Sour, Ceramic

Robertus van der Wege, Guernica: Perpetrators, wood, aluminum, stool, rubber, plastic on granite

Erin Stafford, Circle Jerk, Found object, fabric, human hair, glass pearl beads

David Connolly, All Quiet, Ink, pen, glue on paper

Karla Garcia, Perception of Time, slip cast sweater and clay

Simeen Ishaque Farhat, Blue In The Shape of Teal, laser cut acrylic

James Behan, Cision, photomontage and acrylic

Pilar Zornosa, Two-Digital Lace parure, Laser cut plexiglass[LJ9] 

Rings Installation - Rings starting from bottom to top:

1st rail (bottom): Fret (, SLS, 2019, 2017

2nd rail: Ribs (v.), SLS, 2019 SLS; Chafe (, Recycled Silver, 2017

3rd rail: Rib (n.), 2019

4th rail (top): Fret (n.), SLS, 2019

Lucas Martell, Rinsed White Seeds, acrylic on paper

Shawn Saumell, Slip a Mickey, laser etched skateboard deck