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​The planet Mercury will be visible on Nov. 11, and Mountain View faculty members are giving students and employees an opportunity to come to campus and view the planet through a special telescope between 9 a.m. and noon.

Professors Jay Bhalerao and Jonathan York will be setting up a telescope with a filter on the lense that Sunday in the field by the H Building. Beginning at 9 a.m., students, employees and community members are welcome to take turns looking through the telescope at Mercury, which will be passing in front of the sun for five hours that day. 

"This is a relatively rare event," said Bhalerao. "The next one will be in 13 years. An event like this helps demonstrate the size of the planet relative to the sun, and it also demonstrates how the planets orbit the sun in elliptical orbits."

Beside viewing Mercury through the telescope, Bhalerao said those in attendance can also use smartphones to take photos.

The event is free for all who attend.