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Mountain View College proudly displays 302 works of art throughout campus. These pieces are all a part of the college’s permanent collection, which grows every year. Not only are these creations an important part of the décor on campus, but they also serve a vital role in educating and informing the diverse student body.

During the month of July, MVC’s Cliff Gallery has run an open exhibition with the goal of placing the college’s permanent art collection in the spotlight. As the primary art gallery on campus, the Cliff collected a variety of art pieces to stage under the bright lights of the 900+ square foot space, with the intentions of turning the gallery into a classroom. 

“My goal was educational and to start a conversation about the work on display. It all centers around the question of what the art piece is and what it means,” says Alison Starr, director of the Cliff Gallery. “That’s what art is for, to have a conversation. For example, we have a famous plate from 1965 by a well-known artist. It’s history and it has meaning – that’s how we can learn from art. I’ve even welcomed English professors and their students to the gallery this month, so they can discuss what they’re looking at.”


The rich and colorful diversity in the various forms of art beautifully reflects the student population at Mountain View College. The school started collecting pieces in the 1970s and has acquired art from students, faculty, professional artists and even the late Dallas icon Margaret McDermott. The philanthropic giant donated various pieces of art to help inspire historical, social and cultural conversations.

The Cliff Art Gallery showcases various exhibits throughout the calendar year. For more information on what’s coming up next, please visit www.mountainviewcollege.edu/cliffgallery