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As a Keep America Beautiful certified campus, Mountain View College prides itself as a leader in the fight to bring environment-friendly initiatives to our community. Through the college’s sustainability program, MVC is raising awareness to a cause that impacts more than just southern Dallas.

MVC is encouraging students, employees and the local community to go plastic free in July. By taking an online pledge, you can commit to utilizing reusable:

  • Shopping bags
  • Bottles
  • Eating utensils & containers
  • Straws

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Moving forward, the Sustainability program’s mission is to have everyone work their way up to making every day a plastic free day – with plastic water bottles leading the way as the biggest culprit in terms of plastic trash. MVC’s Sustainability Coordinator, Lori Delacruz Lewis, is very passionate about the issue. “Do you know where that plastic bottle that you probably used for just 30 minutes ends up? It goes to either the local landfill where it will lie buried forever, the Trinity River with most of DFW’s litter, or to recyclers in some of the world’s poorest countries where there is limited environmental regulation.”

Point being: if you can’t reuse it, refuse it.

At Mountain View College, our hallways are home to 18 water bottle refilling fountains that dispense cold, filtered water for free. Unsure where a water refill station is located on campus? You can always use the DCCCD app on your iPhone or Android device to locate one of the hydration stations or visit MVC Water Stations.

To take the pledge today and visit