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Mountain View College endeavors to empower people to improve their lives through exemplary education and to provide a transparent college experience. On Wednesday, February 27, MVC found new ways to engage these beliefs with the launch of two separate initiatives.

Meet the new “Leo is Listening” platform. Throughout the college, suggestion boxes were placed on the walls in hopes of opening a dialogue with students and employees. This past Wednesday, interim president Dr. Sharon Davis held the first forum to respond to the questions or comments left in our boxes.

Leo Listening Suggestion Box

Topics ranged from offering additional snack options in the bookstore to adding more electrical outlets in the areas students congregation. Moving forward, Dr. Davis hopes to continue these meetings.

Later that day, MVC turned the spotlight solely on its students. One of Dr. Davis’ goals for 2019 was to create more opportunities that acknowledge the hard work our students put into their classes each semester. MVC hosted an Honor Students Reception to recognize the Fall 2018 semester President’s Honor Roll, Vice President’s Honor Roll and Academic Recognition students. With more than 125 students and their families in attendance for the special event, Dr. Davis let the crowd know the importance of their achievements.

“We are proud to be starting a new tradition for MVC,” Davis said. “Our students are focused on achieving their education goals each semester, so we thought it would be fitting to recognize their success. They make a conscious effort to the most successful students possible, and we love celebrating their accomplishments with them.”

Dr. Sharon Davis

Each long semester, MVC will honor these students for their dedication and perseverance in the classroom. In all, 1,381 students earned academic honors this past semester.


Honor Students