Faculty and Staff

​Faculty  ​

Janice Ford, Sr. Coordinator, Instructional labs ​

Department: Chemistry 
Phone: 214-860-8644 
Email: jwalker2@dcccd.edu 
Office: H-127 
Education: B.S., M.S., Alcorn State University  ​

Jesse B Fox, Jr., Instructor ​

Department: Chemistry; Science and Physical Education 
Phone: 214-860-8653 
Email: jfox@dcccd.edu 
Office: H-125 
Teaching In: Science: Chemistry Education:B.A., Monmouth College, M.S., University of Oklahoma, Research at University of New Mexico in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory 

Samar Kolailat , Instructor ​

Department: Chemistry 
Phone: 214-860-3634 
Email: skolailat@dcccd.edu