Frequently Asked Questions​

What is the difference between Teacher Preparation and Alternative Certification?

MVC's Teacher Preparation courses are for college credit and count towards an Associates and/or Bachelors degree.  The Alternative Certification program is designed for individuals who have already earned a Bachelors degree and have decided to pursue teaching.

What is the difference between taking the Accuplacer and taking the THEA?

The Accuplacer and/or THEA are used to place students in classes at MVC but you most likely will need to take the THEA to be placed in classes at a University.  Check with the University that you are interested in to get more information. 

What is the Model Classroom used for?

The Model Classroom, provided through a Title V grant, serves many purposes.  Teacher Preparation students use the room to plan and prepare lessons, to practice teaching and as a resource center.  In addition, MVC students are able to observe certified teachers instructing K-6 students when school groups travel to MVC for field trips.  The model classroom is also used for workshops and training sessions for MVC students and others in the community.

Do I have to complete a criminal background check before I enroll for a CDEC, TECA or EDUC class?

No.  In general, you can complete the background check after the class starts.