Philosophy course work at Mountain View College is designed to facilitate intellectual, moral, and social growth in students by contributing to: 

  • Their love for learning 
  • Their development of the academic skills necessary for success 
  • Their knowledge of the humanizing value and content of the liberal arts 
  • The integration of their own worldviews, educations, and lives. 

Philosophy courses will do this by assisting students with the: 

  • Formation of their own worldviews, including beliefs about knowledge, perception, existence, free will, consciousness, human nature, divinity, and morality 
  • Understanding of their present culture and its ideological evolution 
  • Acquisition of vocabulary and concepts applicable to all other liberal arts course work 
  • Understanding of ideas as demonstrated through the arts, politics, social morality, and popular culture. 
  • Understanding of American and other cultures’ religious philosophies as manifested in sacred texts, tradition, worship, and art. 
  • Development of the critical thinking skills necessary for sound argumentation, writing, and reading 
  • Maturity of their personal characters and application of virtue to civilized living 
  • Completion of credit requirements for the Associate’s Degree 
  • Completion of credit for transfer toward the Bachelor’s Degree.