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Education(EDUC 1300)

Student Learning Outcomes 

After successful completion of this course the student should be able to: 

Construct a personal learning system informed by the concepts, theories, strategies and techniques learned in the course. 

  1. Select and use learning strategies appropriate to tasks. 
  2. Apply metacognition to support rather than sabotage learning. 
  3. Apply behavior management techniques to build constructive habits and eliminate unproductive habits. 
  4. Articulate why an artifact matters and how it demonstrates learning in two or more contexts. 
  5. Use the elements of critical thinking to analyze a position on an issue, whether their own or someone else's. 
  6. Use a variety of library tools and resources to find information and evaluate its relevance and quality in relation to the need. 
  7. Identify and weigh relevant factors that influence ethical choices; Use a rational process to arrive at ethical decisions. 
  8. Clearly articulate your personal vision for your college experience and career choice(s) informed by theories of personality/human development that includes analysis of self-assessment inventories given in class.