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Placement Exam

All future Spanish students should take the Spanish Placement Exam (SPE) to help them determine if they can earn “More for Less” Spanish credits. This assessment would allow students who successfully place into SPAN 2311 to receive credit by examination for each of the courses under that level upon completion of the level taking and earning a satisfactory grade on the assessment for the previous courses.

All future Spanish students should take the Spanish Placement Exam (SPE) to help them determine if students can earn “More for Less” Spanish credits.

What is the Spanish Placement Exam (SPE)?

The SPE is the Mountain View College assessment that will determine if you understand enough Spanish language and its culture to start at SPAN 2311 level.

How do I take the SPE?

The SPE is free and can be taken in the MVC Testing Center (S2101) during normal Testing Center hours. You will need to fill out the SPE Referral Form. 

What is “More for Less?”

“More for Less” is an approach to help students receive credits and grades for multiple SPAN courses in only one semester.

How does “More for Less” work?

A student must first take and pass the SPE to determine their level of proficiency. They must print their results and submit them along with the SPE form in order to enroll in SPAN 2311.  Once the student enrolls in the Intermediate Spanish course (2311), he or she will be assessed on the temporarily avoided SPAN 1411 & 1412 at the end of SPAN 2311 in order to receive Departmental Credit by Examination.  A student must successfully complete the current course in order to take the credit-by-examination assessment. Students must score a minimum of 70 on the SPAN 1411 or 1412 assessments in order to remain in SPAN 2311 and earn 8-11 hours of SPAN credit.

For example, a student takes the SPE and places into SPAN 2311.  The student then enrolls in SPAN 2311 and successfully completes the course with a C or better.  Towards the end of that course and prior drop date, the student will take the exams for SPAN 1411 and 1412.  The grade the student receives on the exam for SPAN 1411 & 1412 will be the grade received for that course on his or her transcripts.

How do I complete the assessment for Departmental Credit by Examination?

It is the students’ responsibility to inform their instructor of their “More for Less” status immediately as the term begins.
Once enrolled in SPAN 2311, students who followed this procedure must take the SPAN 1411 & 1412 final assessments, while taking the SPAN 2311 course, prior to the drop date of the current term. At that time the instructor will provide you with the website to take the above mentioned assessments. Students must score 70 or better on the SPAN 1411 & 1412 courses in order to be able to earn all 11 Credit Hours.

Before the end of the term, students will have to pay to the Registrar a $25 per placed course for a total of $50 in order to have SPAN 1411 & 1412 courses credited on the students’ transcript. This could accelerate college time by collecting 9 credit hours directly impacting their GPA in only one semester.
Shall these students wish to continue with their Spanish studies the Spanish discipline offers the final course of the sequence SPAN 2312. 

In comparison, the SPE provides the student the opportunity not only to earn credit by impacting their GPA but the invaluable opportunity to enhance their Spanish skills. 

Contact the Communications and Social Sciences Division at (214) 860-8783 for the appropriate paperwork and steps.

Please fill out the Spanish Placement Exam Referral Form below.

More for Less!

Departmental Credit by Exam Spanish courses

General Objective: Increase the number of students who register in Intermediate Spanish courses by providing a Departmental Credit by Exam option at Mountain View College.

Specific Objective: Transition students with sufficient reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Spanish through the intermediate level while earning credit for the first two semesters of the Beginning Spanish.

Philosophy: The Spanish faculty at MVC is addressing Student Success by encouraging them to move forward faster in their academic life through the four semesters of Spanish.

Student Procedure: 

  • Newcomer students to Spanish courses will take the existing placement assessment, if they wish to move forward faster.

  • Students MUST be present at the MVC Testing Center in Room S2101 or the MVC Language Lab in Room W-172.

  • The test will be provided at the Testing Center.

  • Students must print their results immediately and present it to the director/coordinator to be signed.

  • Based on their score, students would be placed at the 2311 or 2313 or will start at the 1411 level.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify their 2311 instructor of their SPE status.

  • Students will continue to take the final assessment of SPAN 1411 & 1412 towards the end of 2311 in order to earn credit those credits.

  • Students who move up to the intermediate level will have to pay to the registrar a $25 per placed course (1411 & 1412) for a total of $50.

  • Eventually, assuming the students would like to continue with Spanish courses, we will offer SPAN 2312 or 2313.

  • Student results earned at the intermediate level will be recorded as the regular semester ends.