Victor Soto

Music Program Director, Professor of Music

Dr. Victor SotoDepartment:​ Music

Business Phone: 214-860-8776


Education: Bachelor of Arts, Piano performance, Master of Music, Piano performance, Master of Science, Instructional Design for Online Learning, Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Instructional Design for Online Learning

Teaching In: Applied Piano Instruction, Instrumental Music, Music Theory, Music Technology

Office Hours: By appointment

Office Room: E-45

Dr. Victor Soto Medina holds a piano performance degree from Southwest Minnesota   State University, and a Master’s degree from Minnesota State University. His principal teachers include concert pianists Dr. Daniel Rieppel and Dr. David Viscoli. Dr. Soto also holds a Master’s Degree and Ph.D in Instructional design for Online learning from Capella University. Born in Panama City, Panama, Dr. Soto began his music and keyboard training at the age of 10 with the Panamanian organist Roque de las Rosas. Later he enrolled at the Institute of Music in his home city where he studied with Prof. Edwin Abdiel Lombana. As an active concert artist Dr. Soto has participated in piano competitions, performed with orchestras, in music festivals, chamber music and solo recitals in South America, Europe and within the United States. In 2005, he began a project with the Panamanian cellist Isaac Casal creating the Latinum Duet which made its debut at the Florida State University, Panama extension auditorium in June 2005. Dr. Soto has helped expand the music program at different community colleges in the Dallas metropolitan area in Texas. He has used his background as an instructional designer to create a variety of music ensembles, online courses, and other music technology courses. As a scholar, Dr. Soto has published a few text books and different articles related with instructional design and music such as "Instructional and Virtual Learning Environments," "Instructional Design models and Music Instruction," and "Foundations of Ear Training in a virtual Environment"