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Faculty and Staff

Full Time Faculty​ 

Victor Soto, Ph.D., Music Program Coordinator 

Department: Music Phone: 214-860-8776 
Office: E-45 Office 
Hours: By appointment 
Teaching In: Music Theory, Sight-Singing and Ear Training, Applied Piano, Music Appreciation, Fundamentals of Music, Digital Music Ensemble, Chamber Music Ensemble, and Digital Music Production 
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Jackson Yandell, M.M., Professor of Music, Director of Choral Ensembles​ ​

Department: Music 
Phone: 214-860-8770 
Office: E-44 
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday - 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. | Tuesday/Thursday - 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. | Friday - By appointment only. 
Teaching In: Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Applied Voice, Music Appreciation and Digital Music Production 
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​Janice Franklin, Ph.D., Professor of Humanities/Music ​

Office: E-43 
Teaching In: Music Literature and Applied Jazz Piano 

Adjunct Faculty 

Lacey Hays, D.M.A. 

Teaching In: Applied Trumpet ​and Fundamentals of Music 

Jonathan Kaan, M.M. 

Teaching In: Piano Class, Applied Piano, and Music Appreciation 

Cathy Richardson, M.M. 

Teaching In: Applied Violin/Viola ​  ​​

Taiko Pelick, M.M. 

Teaching In: Piano Class and Applied Piano  ​

Daniel Kyzer, M.M. 

Teaching In: Music Appreciation, Guitar Class, and Applied Guitar  ​

Wayne Clark, D.M.A. 

Teaching In: Applied Low Brass and Applied French Horn 

​Carlos Rengifo, M.M. ​

Teaching In: Applied Bass  ​

Scott Campbell, M.M. ​

Teaching In: Applied Flute and Applied Saxophone  ​

Susan De Kam, D.M.A. 

Teaching In: Piano Class, Applied Piano, and Applied Organ  ​

Jessica Espiritu, M.M. ​

Teaching In: Voice Class and Applied Voice  ​​

Sebastian Ruzycki, M.M. 

Teaching In: Music Appreciation and Applied Guitar  ​

Steven Gottlieb, M.M. ​

Teaching In: Music Appreciation and Applied Guitar  ​

Marta Ocampo, M.M. ​

Teaching In: Mariachi Ensemble 

Laura Ospina, M.M. ​

Teaching In: Music Appreciation and Applied Cello  ​​

Sergio Pamies, M.M. ​

Teaching In: Music Appreciation, Jazz Ensemble, and Applied Piano 

Tammy Kotara, M.M. 

Teaching In: Music Appreciation  ​​

Kevin Reading, M.M. 

Teaching In: Latin Band, Fundamentals of Music, Applied Percussion, and Applied Latin Percussion Support Staff 

Mark Sullivan, Performance Hall Technical Coordinator 

Phone: 214-860-8785 ​ 

Executive Dean 

Martin Guerra-West, Executive Dean 

Department: Arts and Communications 
Phone: 214-860-8681 
Office: ​E40-A​