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Service Learning FAQ

1. What is Service Learning?

  • Service Learning offers students an opportunity to volunteer a minimum of 15 hours during a semester to a non-profit agency in their community. Students should talk with their professors and select an organization from the newspaper entitled DCCCD Service Learning that lists many choices for the Fall 2013 semester, make telephone contact with that organization's contact person, and submit a Service Learning Application for Enrollment and a completed Release of Liability (found on the reverse side of the Application) to Oscar Santos (room S2080). Students attend the orientation session scheduled and presented by the organization they have selected. The specific times for the volunteer work are worked out between the student and the agency.

2. Why should a student consider participating in Service Learning?

  • Service Learning provides an opportunity for students to apply the concepts they are learning in their courses to a volunteer position with a non-profit agency and/or "try out" professional fields they are considering for future employment while they are contributing to their community. A student who is considering becoming a teacher can volunteer at a school in the Dallas Public Schools or the Grand Prairie Independent School District or the Dallas CAN! Academy and work with teachers and students. Another person might be interested in volunteering for a health care service such as Charlton Methodist Hospital or Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Other opportunities include emergency assistance centers, family support services, older adult services and substance abuse centers. The DCCCD Service Learning newspaper lists even more choices! 

3. What are the 3 options for students to participate? ‎

  • The student completes a Service Learning Application and Legal Release Form, selects and completes an approved service project, attends the Reflection Group meeting, and receives a certificate at our Service Learning Reception. 

  • The student asks his/her professors if credit in a class is available for a Service Learning project. Upon successful completion of the Application and the project and attendance at the Reflection Group meeting, the student receives the credit in his/her classes as previously agreed to by the professors and receives a certificate at our Service Learning Reception. 

  • The student may also receive one hour of college credit on his/her transcript by enrolling in SPCH 1144/1145/2144/2145 and paying for the course in the Enrollment Management Office. In addition to the 15-hour minimum volunteer commitment, the student determines a written goal relating speech communication to the service project and submits two one-paragraph reports during the semester to Oscar Santos update the progress made toward the goal. With this option, the student may also receive credit from his/her professors. At the end of the semester the student receives one hour of college credit, credit in some classes, and a certificate at our Service Learning Reception.

3. What are the steps for a Successful Service Learning Student?

  • Select an agency from the Service Learning newspaper. 

  • Make a telephone call to the contact person for the agency you select and sign up for the agency's orientation. 

  • Complete and turn in the Service Learning Application and Legal Release Form to Oscar Santos, S2080.

  • If you are interested in receiving one credit hour for Service Learning on your college transcript, enroll for SPCH 1145 in the Enrollment Management Office. In-county tuition is usually $52.

  • Contact Dr. Quentin Wright (qwright@dcccd.edu)  for 2 short writing assignments. 

  • Ask your professors if they offer extra credit for completed volunteer projects. 

  • Attend your agency's orientation and start your volunteer hours. 

  • Every time you volunteer, write the hours on your timesheet and get a supervisor's signature.

  • Attend one of the on-campus Reflection Group meetings in April.

  • Complete the minimum number of hours that is required by your agency.

  • Turn in your completed timesheet to Oscar Santos S2080

  • Attend the on-campus Student Recognition Ceremony in May and receive your certificate for completing your project.