Communication Studies

Mission Statement

The Mountain View College Communication Studies program is committed to developing the full potential of students through study, practice, and criticism of Human Communication. It is our purpose to create an educational environment that will allow students to explore the impact of communication upon individuals, organizations, and societies.

Department Description

A Mountain View College student enrolled in a Communication Studies course will:

  • examine, apply, and critique a variety of communication theories, 
  • learn to utilize communication to improve personal and professional relationships, advance careers, and enrich society, 
  • learn to organize thoughts in a manner allowing for maximum comprehension from an audience, and 
  • gain a better understanding of how individuals express themselves both verbally and nonverbally.

This program focuses upon Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Public, Intercultural and Group Communication. In addition to course work, we offer opportunities through Service Learning that allow students to develop and demonstrate their communication competencies in a professional setting.

Tony Kroll