Full Time Faculty

James M. Behan

Professor of Visual Arts
  • W-73
  • 214-860-8759
  • jbehan@dcccd.edu

    • Office Hours:By appointment.
    • Teaching In: Art department with emphasis on Drawing and Painting.
    • Education: BFA University of Dallas Design
    • MFA Southern Methodist University Paintin

Cristina B. Medina

Professor of Visual Arts
  • W-71
  • 214-860-3654
  • cmedina@dcccd.edu

  • Office Hours

    • Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 1-2 p.m.
    • Web Page: Cristina Medina Artist Website
    • Teaching In: Painting, Drawing, Figure Drawing, Printmaking, 2D Design and Art Appreciation
    • Education: BFA, Texas Tech University, MFA, University of North Texas

Adjunct Faculty

  • David Connolly 
  • Jessica Battes-Grabowski 
  • Jill Foltz 
  • Lucas Martell 
  • Art Pena 
  • Angelita Rodriguez 
  • Erin Stafford 
  • Pilar Zornosa​ 
  • Mary Becker 
  • Giovanni Valderas 
  • Nathan Madrid 
  • Ashley Whitt 
  • Kristina Smith 
  • Lyndsey Dunnegan

Support Staff

Tori Phillips

Gallery Coordinator

Executive Dean

Martin Guerra-West

Executive Dean
Arts and Communications