Accounting Careers

Many job options are available to people with accounting knowledge and skills, depending on the educational level and experience, including:

  • Accounting assistant
  • Accounting clerk
  • Accounts payable clerk
  • Accounts receivable clerk
  • Auditor
  • Billing clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Budget analyst
  • Cashier
  • Cost accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial examiner
  • Inventory specialist
  • Payroll clerk
  • Securities clerk
  • Tax accountant
  • Tax preparer
  • Teller

Note that many accounting-related positions require a bachelor’s degree or higher. CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, projects for Texas: 

JobHourly RateAnnual SalaryProjected Growth Through 2024 in Texas
Accountants and auditors$34.36$71,470+24%
Financial analysts$38.18$79,420+19%
Financial examiners$36.89$76,740+23%
Tax preparers $18.20$37,850+18%