Get Started in Welding


Enroll in Classes


For credit

... complete the admissions process (through Admissions) and meet with an academic advisor to schedule your classes.

For workforce

... contact us to discuss what class is the best fit for your goals.

Then, sign up for classes! There are four ways to register for workforce classes through Continuing Education. For new students, program coordinators recommend registering in person or by telephone.


Pay for Classes


See when, where and how to pay for classes.

Remember, tuition cost is different for credit and continuing education/workforce classes. Understand the difference.

For credit classes

View the cost for credit classes on our tuition page.

For workforce classes

View the cost for workforce classes by checking the continuing education class schedule for tuition information about a specific course. And if you can't find the welding or machinst course you need in the schedule, contact us.


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