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Senior Maintenance Technician
Essilor Labs of America

“I transferred to Mountain View specifically for their emphasis on industrial electronics and robotics. The extra computer training I took there actually helped me to land a professional job in the voice telecom industry just months after graduating, and I stayed in that industry for almost 12 years before I was laid off.

“After losing my job, I started looking in other industries because of the downsizing of the telecom industry and lack of jobs. I found a position in the electromechanical electronics industry repairing Canon copiers, eventually moving into industrial printers, where all that I had trained for in school fell right into place. Within six months, I went from an entry-level position to one as a senior tech.

“I currently work in the optical industry as a senior technician, where I maintain equipment used to manufacture prescription polycarbonate lenses. The equipment is a combination of pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical motors and industrial electronics. I also work on subatmospheric vacuum chambers that use a chemical deposition process to coat the lenses with an anti-reflective coating. The process was originally developed for the fabrication of silicon wafers. Some of the machines I work on are similar to the ones in Mountain View’s lab, which really gave me a head start when I started working in this industry.

“At Mountain View, Doug Keenan, Stan Kohan and Curt Lovelace really pushed me hard. They wanted to get the best out of me. They worked with me on my level, and when I would get stuck or wanted to go further, they would go out of their way to help me. One of the best parts of the program was the computer interface training I received from Doug. The computer and electronics training gave me real-life skills that easily transferred into the workplace. I learned the basics of industrial electronics, sensors and automation — all of which I use on a daily basis to perform my duties at work.

“They taught me real skills that were relevant and transferable to every position that I have held over the past 15 years. Looking back, I can really see the quality of instruction that was made available to me. I believe that anyone who has a desire to learn and apply himself or herself would greatly benefit from these instructors. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for advancement in the industrial electronics field. Mountain View has got the right training.”

Brent Teichman earned an associate degree in electronics at North Lake College, as well as a second associate degree with an emphasis in automated manufacturing from Mountain View College. He has worked for Essilor Labs of America, the largest manufacturer of prescription lenses in the world, since April 2007.