Carlisa Moné Cooper

Assistant Chief, Biomedical Department
Lead Biomedical Technician
Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center

“When I first attended DCCCD, I would have never guessed I would get more than one degree. But staff members such as Dr. Diane Minger, Jackie Glee and Timica Hamilton and the DCCCD Foundation helped me to explore my options and discover my passion in both the fields of management and business administration.
“I truly can be grateful for the awesome support I received from my professors while attending DCCCD colleges. I currently work for the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where I serve as assistant chief of the biomedical department in hemodialysis. In my position I perform a lot of managerial tasks such as scheduling, ordering supplies, documentation and filing; and oversee continued training of all staff members and a lot of the technical aspects of machine maintenance.
“I think the most valuable thing I learned in my DCCCD education is how to handle and maintain cultural diversity. DCCCD helped me to improve my overall managerial skills. I recommend this program to anyone seeking a degree in the fields of management or business administration.”
Carlisa Moné Cooper earned two associate degrees from Cedar Valley College, in Business Administration and Management, with certificates in Management, Human Resources and Leadership. She also earned an Associate of Applied Sciences degree from Mountain View College and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Dallas Baptist University.

She was nominated for Who’s Who Among American Junior College Students in 2006, Outstanding Federal Woman for 2005 and 2006, Outstanding Management Student in 2005 and National Honor Society in 2006.