Spring break will be extended one week for students at the colleges of DCCCD.
Classes will not be held March 16-29 as faculty and staff prepare to transition to working, teaching and learning remotely. Please visit dcccd.edu/coronavirus for additional information.

World Languages


Learn the basics to converse, progress to advanced grammar and conversation, or sharpen your writing skills by studying another language at a college of DCCCD. Some of the known benefits of language learning include memory improvement, better attention span and longer retention of brain function through the aging process. Open up career opportunities, enhance cross-cultural connections or just give your brain a boost.

Note: Each individual language may be listed separately within college divisions, or may be grouped under the category of Foreign Languages. View rubrics for World Languages courses.


The Foreign Language Department at Mountain View is especially committed to offering Spanish language courses at the beginning and intermediate levels. Our classes are conducted almost exclusively in the targeted language and incorporate various aspects of the targeted culture.

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