Classes are currently being taught online. All physical facilities are closed to the public at this time, and employees are working remotely.
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Estimated Expenses for Students

Estimation of Cost in OTA Program


  • 1st semester ~$400 to $550
  • 2nd semester ~$600
  • 3rd semester ~$350
  • 4th semester ~no additional textbooks due to level II fieldwork; however, books from previous semesters will be used as references.

Tuition and Fees

Please refer to the college website

General Cost to Consider

  • Transportation to/from Level I and Level II fieldwork
  • Uniforms/Scrubs for fieldwork (clinical)
  • Student organization fees/fundraisers, etc.

Last Semester and After Graduation

  • OTKE (Occupational Therapy Knowledge Examination) - $25
  • NBCOT Practice Examinations (optional but highly encouraged) – see NBCOT website
  • Board Exam (NBCOT) – $515 (additional fees apply) (taken after graduation)
  • State Licensure – $100 (initial), $184 (renewal)

Membership to Professional Organizations (not mandatory but recommended)

  • American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

          Student - $75 (Mandatory)

          Practitioner (OTA) - $95(1st year), $120 (2nd year), and $131 (practitioner)

  • Texas Occupational Therapy Association (TOTA)

          Student - $30 (Mandatory)

          Practitioner (OTA) - $105